Friday, May 8, 2009

High Standards



Who doesn’t like a good recipe? Recently I found a great one for some no-bean chili … and boy was it good. But honestly, (maybe I’m alone here), I have never ever once in my whole life wondered what the recipe for a good teacher is. Ever. I just can’t help but wonder where the hell this came from. Did this come from Jessica’s brain? Did she make this shit up? Or did it come from one of those cutesy teacher books that are only sold in stores with wooden crafts on the wall? Point is, it doesn’t matter. You can’t use the metric system for things such as “knowledge” or “dedication” … it’s impossible … and ridiculous. And how the hell do you grab a “pinch of humility?” Growing up, my recipe for a good teacher was a bunch of leaving me alone, a whole lotta hotness, and good deal of looking the other way. So thank you Jessica for making this post, but I’m afraid this list will not make it into anyone’s recipe box.

♥ The Editors

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  1. “I’m such a fecking bad ass who loves da pussy. Just don’t make me watch Saw, or I’ll scream like Ned Flanders”

  2. What a fucking tool

  3. “I can fuck all bitches through Christ who gives me strength.”

  4. don’t mind me i’m just picking up some scalawags.

  5. i luv girls wif TITTIES

  6. he is probably a terrible lay

  7. Umm…where does Kenny Chesney come in to play here….

  8. im looking for a boy whos into the bible, jay z, eminem, kenney chesney, and oh yeah banging me and then calling me a skeezer. WHAT A WINNER!

  9. if he is a girl at scary movies he should just go to the theater and jerk himself off already

  10. who quotes themselves? and with book preferences like that, he can’t be older than 9. someone get this kid his breastmilk. now.

  11. His quotes section says “The sky is the limit – lil wayne”.
    I’m pretty sure someone else said it first.

  12. GO TO HELL! What a dick.

  13. you turn into a girl in scary movies?

    would that be a drunk girl, a girl with low self-esteem, a girl on the rebound, a girl wanting to make her boyfriend jelous…?

  14. LOL Allie that was the best comment ever.

  15. What a stunned cunt this guy is.

  16. I love how in his Favourite Quotes, he has one from the bible.

  17. What does the “recipe for a teacher” have to do with this post? So confused.

  18. I’m with Beth on that. I totally missed the Editors’ reply point. Was that intended for a different post?

  19. Gustavo for the fuckin win!

  20. i totally dont get the editors post with this one… who mentioned recipies, teachers or anyone called jessica??

  21. Ok #17, #18 and #20, it doesn’t really take a genius to realise the editors’ reply was intended for a different post.

    What I really wanted to say is I don’t understand why all the people who have commented this have taken it so seriously?! eg. #15. Do you honestly think that this guy is being serious!? If you do then maybe you take life too seriously. Maybe his intentions were to make his mates laugh and in doing so also piss a few girls off and he’s blatantly succeeded. I’m a girl and I actually find this quite funny, he’s just taking the piss out of slutty, easy girls and done a good job.

  22. Clearly, he was being tongue in cheek.
    He watches “How I Met Your Mother,” for God’s sake!

    Activities: TITTIES

    …now that’s wit.

  23. Editor fail.

  24. Boy Meets World?

  25. perfidious_albion

    #21. That would be ok, if it weren’t for the biblical extract as well. That sort of takes this from ‘not-to-be-taken-seriously’ into ‘whoops-better-make-sure-I-cover-my-ass-phew-that’s-better-now-where-was-I’

  26. If he is joking, then why post it? This is a place to observe the downfall of civilization.

  27. If sky is the limit, why does he like ‘easy’ girls (whores, sluts, low self-esteem girls, low self-respect girls)???

  28. Um, I really really like the fact he has a Bible verse in his “Favorite Quotes” section…

    What a fuggin tool.

  29. I’m surprised not to see a comment about the fact that he wrote, “IT AINT FUN IF ITS EASY – ME” in his quotes… so all those easy girls he likes so much aren’t fun…?

  30. Didnt read it…my eyes uhm no….

    altho LOVE the one part i saw “take me to jail”-me ha ha ha ha DUMBASS!!!

  31. I love the ridiculous list of easy girls and then his quote (in all caps!) about it not being fun if it’s easy. Excellent entry.

  32. Correct me if im wrong, but I dont think you can quote a passage out of the Bible and then quote your interests as “TITTIES”. That’s a bit stupid

  33. Princess Bananahammock

    I love his low standards on girls…cuz that’s the only kind of girls he can get..lame-o

    @allie tooo funny

  34. Lillith my Alter Ego

    Is this dude from Surrey BC? Since this sounds like a typical Surrey male.

    Of course she wants a girl with no esteem, morals, values, or anything that makes her a decent human being. Because no strong confident woman would want this shit stain.

  35. I’m the only one that’s noticed that the editors are too effing retarded to post the write note on this moron’s lamebook post?

  36. You know you’re a badass when you start quoting yourself. – Me

  37. Clearly this guy is desperately trying to get laid. Don’t worry, man, lean on Christ, he’ll get you through those tough times between “skeezers”.

    What an idiot.

  38. The editor’s post was for the “Recipe for a good teacher” saying: “1/4 cup of understanding, 1/4 of cup of knowledge, a pinch of humility….” HAHAHAHA, pretty lame.
    This guy must be SO ugly, gross, loser and freak that he can only score with easy or drunk girls.
    @LB: Altrough he wrote that to make his friends laugh, is sad, nobody normal write those things to be “funny”, that’s low and disgusting.

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