Thursday, May 7, 2009



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  1. “The doc just told me he can see the head and the nurse is trying to wrestle the phone off me. I suppose I’d better start pushing again”

  2. Hahahaha Mark.

  3. why is this on lamebook?

  4. well because the spelling sucks and because she is lying. hospitals wont keep you unless you are 5cm or more. 1cm is nothing.

  5. @ChickenGuts – You clearly don’t know Kali – she be tight!

  6. @chickenguts,
    to be fair, they may keep you if you are oh i don’t know, gushing amniotic fluid or having ridiculous contractions or baby is in major distress. but in that case, i doubt the dilation would be the status update. so.. you’re right, she is totally lying.

  7. Considering you aren’t allowed to use electronic equipment in a hospital, she couldn’t possibly post that… My friend tried to text me she had a baby and her machines started to buzz.

  8. Actually you can use electronic equipment in a hospital. I did during my baby.

    And this site Ive come to see is very immature when it comes to pregnant women and childbirth.

  9. Yea, if my wife was going through birth and she wasn’t updating her facebook, I’d kill the baby for not being born into a facebook world.

  10. 1cm?! I’m dilated 1cm!

  11. lol @ navzor – and even moreso if you’re a guy.

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