Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sadklgjsa Ahhaha


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  1. This is like the third post where some chick is commenting on the person sitting next to them?! Has communication sunk to an all time low?!

  2. This is hilarious in so many ways

  3. please tell me this is High School Facebooking

  4. This is possibly the most frightening thing I’ve ever read.

  5. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    this is sooo stooopiddd

  6. These girls are the kinds I want to shove under buses.

  7. lamezilla.

  8. I fucking want to punch her in the faceeeee.. hahahaahaaa

  9. I have a woman on my FB page that has two Master’s degrees, a professional career and also is very articulate. Yet, all her status updates are typed out like Stacey’s up there.

    When I asked her about it she simply replied that she needed a place to be dumb. It gives me a small (very small) amount of hope that maybe these people are the same way.

  10. They should be charged by the character.

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