Saturday, May 16, 2009



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  1. It’s possible this is genius

  2. *sob*

  3. i love this.

  4. Oooooh, dear.

    Oooooh, my.

    My, oh, my.

  5. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m schizophrenic
    and so am I


  6. This just made me sad 🙁
    poor kid .

  7. I think Pavlov did a study on this type of personality

  8. This is actually pretty cute. Mind, if he does this thing ALL the time I would seriously advocate for sectioning, but once in awhile = being whimsical. And I like how he ended with my favorite emoticon. 😀

  9. Knock knock
    Who’s there ?
    Bored & lonely !

  10. Alex: amazing.

  11. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Bet he tickles himself too….

  12. Would have been even better if someone had messed up the joke

  13. Seeing as how he wrote this all himself, it’s actually pretty sad.

  14. what a tool

  15. what a fag

  16. I wonder if he actually cried at the Boo Who part, as a result of his awareness of his loneliness.

  17. And this is the part where we all realise that there actually TWO Andrews, both with the same picture, and both enjoy lame, outdated jokes.

    Twice the lame.

  18. Andrew: His own best friend.

  19. If he hadn’t done the whole thing himself, this would have had potential.

  20. Not lame at all! It’s actually funny 😀

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