Friday, June 26, 2009

Tony, Tony, Tony


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  1. Better make all the jokes you can before they go out of style. Hopefully we don’t have to resort to targeting Woody Allen again.

  2. those are sick… 😐

  3. This shit is awesome it should not be on

  4. this post is awesome hahaha

  5. I’d be shaming myself If I said that I didn’t snicker. Sum yung boy.

  6. Tony wants to have anal sex with Jill

  7. dat shit iz funny!

  8. Oh Tony … the punchline is “sum yung gai”. Fail.

  9. They’re pathetic.

  10. i guess it’s ok to molest your kids if you can moonwalk and sold millions of albums…

    and to think charles manson’s ambition originally was to be a popstar… had he succeeded, he might not be locked up in jail now !

  11. sorry, i meant molest YOUNG kids, not YOUR… my bad.

  12. I like how he said he “came up with it all by himself” when in fact he just ripped it off of Wayne’s World and then told it wrong…

  13. yeah no shit. It’s IS lame because he said he made it up, which is bad enough but then he said “tee hee” which makes me think he’s siting on a dildo

  14. Christ on a cracker

    @lamebookpro: “he said “tee hee” which makes me think he’s sitting on a dildo”

    Bwahahahahahahaha! Awesome!

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