Friday, June 26, 2009

Smooth Like Jazz … aka Jazz is a Dick

Jazz is a Dick

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  1. Jazz’s MJ jokes are the most inventive and original ones I’ve heard in a while.

  2. Kelvin’s defense goes up +3 for using semi-proper grammar and punctuation.

    Jazz’s intelligence goes down +5 for trying to make fun of the name ‘Kelvin’.

  3. “It must such bein a nigger”

    Jazz for the win!

  4. Suck*

  5. Jazz really seems like an “ignorant son of a bitch”.

  6. stfu faggots im funnier than you ever will be and fucking take this down you stupid fucking site its my property not yours ill get my fcking lawyar on youse

  7. Jazz you asshole. It’s not your property, it’s a status update. It’s PUBLIC. You would have no case in court.

    Your not funny, your a complete dick for making heartless jokes about a poor man whos been dead less then 3 days.

    Go jump.

  8. stfu bitch i gave u ur rights be content and then suck my fucking cock. and jackie thinks im so fcking cash and shes hotter than u anyway so just fuck off bitch.

  9. Adventures of the Boobie Watcher

    Will the real Jazz please stand up?

  10. wat the fuck u tlking bout cunt im rite here. fuckin come one out.

  11. i want to screenshot this and send it to lamebook, as it’s funny to see “jazz” want to sue over being laughed at for being a dick

  12. no guys, he said ‘stfu’. we better take him seriously now.
    i second post 3.

    jazz ftw!!

  13. Jazz is a loozer

  14. Does anyone else think Jhoanne is also kind of stupid for keeping this guy on her fb friends list.

  15. yo jackie just fuckin like i duno stfu bitch im sik of ths shit jst fuking take it dwn and or ill kill you and your familys

  16. Don't feed the morons

    Jazz, it must suck being a moron ass clown. It’s ok, everyone knows you like the cock. pusswad

  17. LoL.. Wow.. Seriously. Wow. This “Jazz” person can’t be anymore of a jack-off. I <3 Stupid People! They Make me feel great about myself.

  18. I do not believe people actually thought I was really Jazz. It has been fun, but alas my material has run out. Bye.

  19. That was fun while it lasted.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks that Jhoanne is the dumbest person in that conversation? All she can say is “omg jazzzzz” and “that’s not niceee”

  21. Side question: why do people using trailing “e”s at the end of their words? That shit makes no sense.

  22. Levi, that makes me laugh. Of all the obvious stupidity people have pointed out about this farce, the trailing “e”s and other bizarre instances of overusing an arbitrary letter is the most hilarious and dumbfounding. First of all, how do you pronounce something like “U r so coollllllll”? And second, if someone just called you a nigger, why would you respond with those stupid extendo-words instead of ripping them a new asshole for being an ignorant prick?

  23. I’m retarded.

  24. HAHAHA i just read this. this was me, its really funny now that i look at it. but mean :/ i feel bad

  25. i’m pretty sure that the real Jazz wouldn’t spell the word “youse” correctly.

  26. wow… people put their name as me to comment it?? this is the real jazz, you can look me up. this is really dumb that someone put this on a site, and i still think its funny as hell. this was me and my friend when we were a little drunk.


  28. lol @ jazz… ura fuckin joke dude! get real… its easy to sound big arguing on the internet…. its like the special olympics, win or lose, ur still a retard

  29. fuck my life… im a complete loser, im thick as shit and have a half inch penis…

  30. Jazz is awesome, calvin is an oversensitive whiney douche

  31. I like testes…

  32. I’m curious to know how the first joke started the argument, since it wasn’t actually a joke in the first place…

  33. I think it’s funny how this Kelvin guy is calling Jazz an ignorant asshole while being a homophobe. It’s like saying, “Stop being a racist you fucking beaner.”

  34. Jazz is a dick. And not the good kind of dick. Like crusty cheese dick.

  35. Jazz joining this conversation set the whole thing off nicely

  36. I am a cocksucking wanker nomnomnom

  37. If smooth is jazz and jazz is a dick, does that mean that dick is smooth?

  38. I was on Jazz’s side until the n word comment…

  39. “ur names kelvin! thats a dumb name”


  40. “I am a cocksucking wanker nomnomnom” Hahahaha

  41. oh wow jazz, after thinking about it i’ve realized that kelvin actually is a dumb name. kudos.

  42. … and somewhere in Scientists’ Heaven, Lord Kelvin chokes back a tear.

  43. Ahahah Jazz. The whole world knows how much of a douchebag you are, now. Lesson learned- don’t run your mouth.

  44. I love it how Jazz sucks just as bad in real life as he does on Transformers….lol

  45. hahahah! Jazz rocks!!! He sure does know how to push all your buttons!!hahahahahahahahaha

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