Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorey Corey

Sorey Corey

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  1. If I had that much money I would buy some dead guy’s skeleton. Obviously! Who wouldn’t?

  2. people that can’t spell ‘michael’ correctly are going to make me jump off a cliff.

  3. He never bought the skeleton, he said so many times he never had any intention of buying them. Sad, these people know nothing but pure lies and hatred.

  4. People just go by what the media tells them. If the media told them Michael Jackson sold children into slavery tow work on his ranch, they would believe it even if it was utter bullshit.

  5. Well, at least it was a dead guy’s skeleton. Butter than a live guy’s skeleton, right?

  6. Butter = better

  7. Why does he need to buy skeletons. He should just look in his own closet.

  8. lol @ kevnar

    Why is this post on lamebook though??

  9. Do people forget that he has never been convicted of it? He was a great father, bar the window thing, which was an honest mistake made worse by a media frenzy trying to find a story. If he did actually touch the kids no amount of money would make the parents drop the charges. I think he paid them out to show the world the people were just after money. He had problems, yes, but he wouldn’t have done that. People just take advantage of his generosity. He paid for the medicinal needs of many kids, so yes, he was a great man. He stopped performing so much and started being a real humanitarian. Accusing him of that is just like accusing people who offer aid in Ethiopia of being child molesters. Nobody thinks twice about that but how easy would it be for those people to do it? They wouldn’t get dobbed in by the kids or parents. People just need to let him rest in peace. He was founded innocent. People need to learn that the media is called a circus for a reason.

  10. The best part of that is the completely meaningless accent in “Coréy”.

  11. @Josh – Fucking die. And then may MJ ass-fuck your soul.

  12. That’s IGNORANT!!!

  13. …she was completely ignorant of my di?k in her a$s.

    And that S.O.B who fucking accused him, admitted that he was fucking lying. The whole case was just to take advantage of him, and his generosity. RIP MJ, and I hope the people who caused you grief, and the people who CONTINUE to cause you (your family)grief, go straight to hell.

  15. oh please you know he was a baby raper and personally, im glad he’s dead

  16. John Players Standard

    Funny thing is that the people who mattered already came out and told everyone that M.J. was a great person. Good luck trying to convince people that he raped children when he didn’t.

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