Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spelt Check



Let’s see … where do we start with this one?  Everything about it is … how do you say … “gold.” First we start with the overall idea.  Katie meets Mandy, Mandy meets Katie, they hit it off.  Then Mandy decides to solidify their new friendship by opening that program that “I think her little brother, like, uses it, called like Photoshop or something.”  She opens the program, finds a wacky (but friendly font), then … Aw screw it these girls are morons.

♥ The Editors

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  1. Captain Buddy of The Friend Ship

    Arrrrr me matey, don’t ya be using me pirate ship in ya photos

  2. Wow. I know her, and that is just sad.

  3. hi-larious

  4. Don’t forget to clean the poop-deck of your friend ship

  5. I can’t believe that this is the start and only the start. I can’t wait to see the rest of the shenanigans these two get into. There is so much longer to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. this is my new favorite. Not as controversial as some, but every bit as stupid and ironic

  7. yep, spel chek did itz job.

  8. AWESOME!!! I bet they’re interested in “Random Stuff” too. LOL!!!!1

  9. Can I get this in a medium v-neck?

  10. hahaha jordan

  11. Call it the S.S. Herps.

  12. who wants cake?

    according to my father, spelt is a hexaploid species of wheat, so spell check wouldn’t have done any good.

  13. ‘Spelt’ is acceptable as an alternative to ‘spelled’, though much more common in the UK than the US, I believe. The picture is pretty lame, though.

  14. That’s what happens to faces when you get the Herps.

  15. All good friendships start over alcohol. Now, whether they last until the next morning is a different story.

  16. is there any way to stop “herpfest” from posting these ridiculous comments? it’s like reading a 5th grader’s note he passed to his dweeb friend in health class.

  17. Has anyone noticed that both drinks are being held by one girl??? Probably the one who hitched a ride home on the friend ship…

  18. I give it a week ’til they appear on here again expressing their (misspelt) bitter hatred for one another. Think the brunette will sleep with the blonde’s boyfriend? Or the other way around?

  19. Anyone else not surprised by the 700+ photos present? Seems to be a prerequisite for this type.

  20. ….. Do either of them not know that friendship is one word?

  21. S.S Herps? seriously.

  22. hahahah jordan 🙂

  23. Looks like the captain of their “Friend Ship” was drunk at the wheel … not to mention their brain ships

  24. Zack Morris’ comment makes me die laughing.

  25. So why isn’t Mandy tagged in the picture? I see an iceberg ahead.

  26. You ijits, “spelt” is a perfectly acceptable version of “spelled”. Don’t any of you know any British people?

  27. spelt is an acceptable word.
    It’s used more in the UK than in America.

  28. I thought the joke was “friend ship”, because here in Australia we say “spelt”. Spelt is the past tense of spell, just as learnt is past tense of learn (in America, of course, you say “learned”).
    “Learnt” is a completely acceptable alternative to “spelled” and is in the dictionary. Most of the rest of the world use “spelt”, because British english is the foundation, and American english came afterwards. Only people who have no knowledge of what the rest of the world is doing regarding the English language (aka Americans) will dispute this fact.

  29. Editor in Chieftess

    @Megan… I happen to be one of those “aka Americans”, who does have knowledge of what the rest of the world is doing regarding the English language. However, most Americans are taught to spell it “spelled”, and not any other way. So I’m sure you can understand why a lot of us would find “spelt” to be incorrect.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure that “learnt” is not a completely acceptable alternative to “spelled”. However, “spelt” is.

  30. Editor in Chieftess FTW

  31. Go Megan.

    I think it’s really creepy that she did this little photoshop present for her ‘new friend’ -run Katie, run!

    I <3 herpfest -you funny little moron.

  32. I wonder where she started this Friend Ship, and how big it is. Is it an invite only Ship, and are there pirates on it?

  33. Come on, this is sweet. Can all you a-holes appreciate the sentiment and not the mistakes? You don’t have to make fun of everything all the time.

  34. @ Jen

    Um, yes. Yes we do.

  35. um yeah Jen. Why do you even think we are here? I wish you had a picture up so we could make fun of you too

  36. I’m going on a cruise on the friend ship. Spelt is a grain.

  37. @Editor-in-Chieftesss (“@Megan… I happen to be one of those “aka Americans”, who does have knowledge of what the rest of the world is doing regarding the English language. However, most Americans are taught to spell it “spelled”, and not any other way. So I’m sure you can understand why a lot of us would find “spelt” to be incorrect.”)

    What the hell are you talking about? First you claim that you do know about grammar/spelling variations outside the USA, but then you say ignorance is a valid excuse for incorrectly saying something is a mistake when it’s not. Just admit you were wrong, please.

  38. @tuckin: These girls obviously don’t know the difference between “spelled” and “spelt.” They were misusing the term. The editor was merely trying to demonstrate this. “Spelt” is an incorrect term for Americans, even though it is recognized as a correct spelling in other countries. It’s not ignorance, it’s cultural. So, for these girls being from America and learning to spell the past tense of “spell” as “spelled,” yes, this is incorrect and they did, in fact, make a mistake.

    So there.

  39. Princess Bananahammock

    From Merriam-Webster:
    Main Entry: 1spelt
    Pronunciation: \ˈspelt\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin spelta, of Germanic origin; perhaps akin to Middle High German spelte split piece of wood, Old High German spaltan to split — more at split
    Date: before 12th century

    : an ancient wheat (Triticum spelta syn. T. aestivum spelta) with spikelets containing two light red grains; also : the grain of spelt

  40. Princess Bananahammock

    Main Entry: 2spelt
    Pronunciation: \ˈspelt\
    chiefly British past and past participle of spell

  41. sorry im from denmark i am not totally in to english grammar and stuff, but what is the problem about this one ? ?

  42. Mynameis: friendship is one word.

  43. Friendship is one word but the “joke” here is that they misspelled “spelled” as “spelt”.

    That said, “spelt” is in fact a word – not in American English I don’t believe, but in English English ^-^;

  44. Spelt is the preferred spelling of the past participle of spell in the UK and other parts of the English-speaking world. I don’t really get what’s so offensive about this photo. Yeah, it’s tacky, but so is American parochialism.

  45. American parochia- what? Of course you don’t see anything offensive about this photo. It looks like the pics on the websites you so love to visit late at night when your wife is asleep.

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