Thursday, June 11, 2009

At Least One Has Straight As


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  1. That’s the right way to spell it you dumbass.

  2. i think this blog likes grocers’ apostrophes.
    here’s some other fine examples

  3. What does a grocer’s apostrophe have to do with the word strait

  4. Clearly, you have no bering in this matter.

  5. Herps flares whenever someone says “herp’s”

  6. I think herpfest has herpes and that’s the reason for all the comments about herpes. Also, it straight is the correct spelling.

  7. C, I would like to extend to you an invitation to the herps fest. The fest… with the herps? Fest with herps?

  8. I see she got her brains from her Dad.

  9. genocide jones wins

  10. Dude got it right. Lamebook fail.

  11. how thick are you all? saying lamebook got it wrong? lmao its spelt STRAIGHT douchebags

  12. Good thing he didn’t add a second s before that exclamation point. 😛

  13. Mr. Genocide,
    ‘Bearing’ honey. Not bering, which is not even a word to my knowledge. And yes, it is spelled the correct way. American spelling is ‘straight’ but British is (or can be) ‘strait’. If you are going to argue a point; it would be wise to know your side of the argument. That goes for you as well ‘Cayley.’ Douche-bags? What are you 12?

    This is a Lamebook fail for sure.

  14. Guess
    As a Brit I can tell you that both you and Genocide Jones are wrong. The word “strait” is used to describe a thin stretch of water. We Brits spell straight, as this man intended, “S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T”
    So if you’re going to look down on others for being unablt to argue a point, sort out your own reasoning first

  15. I wonder if the GRAMMAR Police here have like, hobbies or real jobs to entertain themselves. And if you do have jobs, if they maybe are as teachers… nah, I bet you guys clean toilets. Fucking shut up already, you make me want to puke on your faces.

  16. Yari, are you a guy? Cause if not, I’d like to pursue a little something with ya. 😉 Do you usually puke on faces???

  17. Guess…Genocide Jones was making a joke…”Bering Strait”…clearly over your head.

  18. Winski… wins. I can’t work ski in there quite yet, but I’m sure that Jones could help me get it strait.

  19. Will all those who missed the “Bering Strait” joke please throw themselves off a cliff immediately? The human race can’t survive more generations of you.

  20. When will people realise there is no such thing as the American language.

  21. Well actually, there sort of is an American language…it’s a retardation of proper English.
    Although, I must admit many Australians have no idea how to speak properly, but at least those who can spell do so in the proper English fashion.

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