Thursday, June 11, 2009

That’s Shady, Grady


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  1. ROFL

  2. I am a dick. and hilarious.

  3. dude, Grady, that is pretty fucked up

  4. I laugh hysterically at funerals.

  5. A herpal pox upon Grady.

  6. that wasnt very nice grady

  7. LMAOOOOO!!!

  8. The best lamebook I’ve seen for ages…. Better start liking similar updates.

  9. Gasp!

  10. need a Doesn’t like…or better yet DETEST option

  11. wow… now thats just awful


  13. god, i don’t have the balls to do this

  14. There have been SO many opportunities for me to do this with my friends’ statuses.. facebook’s innocent little ‘like’ button can be gold sometimes.

  15. i found this thoroughly entertaining

  16. I wonder if Grady killed her….or, perhaps, did he break the news to her in a really funny way?

  17. I can not stop laughing at this…OMG what is wrong with me???

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