Monday, December 6, 2010

The Plea

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  1. Joanna and Rosie need to shut up or they will find Dads status updates about quick lime and one way airplane tickets abroad.

  2. how embarrassing!

  3. *looks down* what’s this thing on my lap? It has a screen and numbers and a green button? What, what is this? How do I use it?

    My inbox is full too. It says I can no longer send or receive messages in my inbox.

    I better go walk over to my dad and ask him, since we live in the same house and we can communicate in real life. Glad that facebook statuses aren’t our only form of communication.

  4. if this is real….it would have been better if whoever submitted this submitted the dads statuses

  5. How the piss do you get “posting a Facebook status” and “google search” mixed up? I’m not one to call fake often, but when people are this stupid, it makes one wonder.

  6. I don’t know about this one…

  7. Meg Ryan? gross.

  8. So, apparently I made lamebook. I only wish this was fake. His statuses are quoted in my original one…’meg ryan’ ‘sex’ ‘sex with meg ryan’ ‘giving one to meg ryan’, etc etc.

    Oh, and MsBuzzkillington, the reason I communicate with my dad via facebook is because I live in a different country, smart arse 😛

  9. Can’t blame your dad, joanna. He was merely responding to Facebook’s inquisitiveness “What’s on your mind?”.

  10. samwise is wise, indeed.

  11. @Joanna, yeah, I can understand the use of FB, but way to make it worse by making it a status…couldn’t differentiate between status and message?

  12. joanna, you have my sympathy. o.O

    samwise FTW!

  13. Nice one Joanna, shame him into learning!

  14. Dad using the Facebook status box to search the net IS pretty funny.

    You’re right, Zoned. Meg Ryan? A few years ago, yes, for sure. But now? Fuck that. She looks like absolute shit. Her plastic surgeon/s should be shot. Joanna, tell your Facebook-googling dumbass of a dad he needs his eyes checked.

  15. This can be mortally embarrassing, I remember with some chagrin my very first status update on facefuck.

    Necrophilia shep shagging sex vids, my daughter was humiliated of course… I mean what type of wanker misspells sheep?!

  16. There’s nothing wrong/embarrassing with searching for a few Meg Ryan photos. And it’s not like he searched for “Meg Ryan in old age, not to be confused with the older photos of her a few years ago which are abundantly available and show her in all her young sexy glory, but rather some newer photos where her face is melting off.”

  17. Meg Ryan = Orgasm faking bitch. Not cool.

  18. blondebimbo: I am completely able to differentiate between statuses and private messages…which is why I posted a status and not a private message 🙂 Private messages do not provide the opportunity for public shaming, alas.

    For anyone else who is concerned about the potential embarrassment of my father, rest assured…he deserved it. And his response to it has been to post pro-Meg comments all over the facebooks of my siblings and I.

  19. haha nice Joanna. Although if he’s posting pro-Meg comments, he probably wasn’t too embarrassed afterall…

  20. Father probably mixed the google quick search and the whats on you’re mind.

  21. @Joanna, What did he do to deserve that? Besides having a real awkward interest in Meg Ryan porn? Because that’s pretty bad.

  22. Meg Ryan porn?

  23. blondebimbo: Check back later for a 5,000 word essay entitled “Why My Meg Ryan Worshipping Dad Deserved Public Humiliation”. Or alternatively, get over it.

  24. Kick ass, joanna. He got what he deserved! 🙂

  25. lol @joanna

  26. Meg Ryan porn — that thought would give most guys a de-rection.

  27. CommentsAtLarge, you are wrong. Most men find Meg very sexy.

  28. Meg Ryan…eh…I’ve seen better looking celebrities that are nearly half a century old.

  29. Speak for yourself, jr888.

  30. Keona – There are better looking celebs WELL OVER half a century old. xP

  31. I would fuck the shit out of Meg Ryan. Then, when I told the story, I’d set the date back a couple decades. Sure to impress.

    How embarrassing is it to stalk a friend on Facebook and find you’ve accidentally posted their lonely name as your status update (instead of typing it in the search box)? Never actually done this, but I have come close a couple times. If it ever does happen, I’ll just say it’s a game of Facebook Jeopardy and ask people to write their own questions, like “Who has the biggest tits on your friends list?” and “Who had six abortions in one year?”

  32. Any man who saw the fake o scene in ‘When Harry met Sally’ and did not get an erection was.. well, gay.

  33. @jr888 saw it, didn’t, straight

  34. pepelongstocking, then maybe you’re impotent?

  35. Maybe you should get over the fact not everyone is hot for Meg Ryan; even a younger, fake orgasming one.

  36. jr888: Dad? :s

  37. Yes I’m a very impotent man

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