Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: A WONderful Time

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  1. Merry Stever Everyone! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Since there ostly likely won’t be posts tomorrow:
    Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate it. Happy Hanukkah to you Jews.

    1. Looked up the mare slang..nice.
    2 has a point.
    3. lol

  3. most likely* I swear, on this site, and other sites, for the past few weeks, I make some typo 90% of the time.

  4. Except that Hannukah doesn’t automatically just fall on Christmas or at Christmas time. This year it started the first week of December.

  5. Defective User With Smoothy Buns


  6. One and three are LOLs. The Obama one? I guess being Safrican, it doesn’t make much sense that a bi-racial person is classified just under one of the two races he represents, in this case: Black.

    Anyhu, Seasons Greetings lamebookers.

  7. The first one is pretty clever. Ba-zing.

    Well, I mean… it sucks, but that’s the way it is Saffer. If a bi-racial person is really dark, most of the time he is classified as black. If someone is really light, they are classified as white. It “makes sense” because we classify people based on their sign color, not on their specific genes.

  8. skin* I saw that right as I hit submit.

  9. MsBuzzkillington – you are literally killing me. WE (nonracist folks) don’t classify people based upon their skin color EVER. This isn’t the 50s anymore… Welcome (almost) to 2011, where we classify people on their ability to spell, join lamebook and become apart of the “lamebook elite.” But on skin color? NEVER.

  10. so if you see a black guy, you dont think, hey thats a black guy? and a white person? what do you call them then? The only thing wrong about anything msbuzz said was the typo. Ive got mixed friends who call THEMSELVES Specifically black or white. They dont go around saying im mixed all the time.

    A black guy is a black guy
    a white guy is a white guy
    an asian is an asian
    and if you can TELL without a shadow of a doubt the person is mixed then you have a mixed person. but usually, the only way to do that is to ask them.

    So if you see a really dark person, why not go ahead and say theyre black?

    i have a mixed cousin who is as dark as night and he coesnt correct people when they call him black cuz he doesnt care.

    so take a damn chill pill.

  11. I agree Missbuzz, you can’t walk around asking people what their racial make-up is to correctly classify them, but you can mostly tell when a person is mixed and if you can’t that’s when you’ll call call them black or white depending on what they look like.

    Candid you seem upset? I wasn’t offended, just making an interesting observation that in SA there is an official category for mixed people and in the US there isn’t. It was just an observation on the different societies and why that joke doesn’t translate across the Atlantic. Also, heads up: not everybody that is dark-skinned is Black.

    (Side note: I’m reading a book on how the races came to be classified in SA so that’s probably why I’m interested and aware of racial classification at the present time. That, and I’m still “new” (yeah right) to the States and some of it’s norms- Obama doesn’t look Black to me, nor White. It seems like the mentality is if someone has one drop of black blood then they’re Black?)

  12. I can’t see colors…or shapes…or anything. Oh. my eyes are closed.

  13. *MsBuzz

  14. nah not REALLY upset but i dont see how calling a guy who looks like a black guy black is racist. now if you call him a n*&&er then THATS racist.

  15. Whoa! Nobody said “racist” not once. Let’s cut this short, getting uncomfortable.

    Happy Holidays! Chat in 2011 🙂

  16. @saffer

    mx3mommy did. #9

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