Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: A Christmas Story

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  1. TL;DR

  2. tl;dr

  3. Whats TL;DR,?

  4. @3.
    Too long; Dont read…. but i guess thats too litle too late for you…

  5. well, i actually enjoyed reading it. mainly because i’m bored anyway and don’t have better stuff to do. i like how he started rhyming his little horror story at the end.

    merry christmas to all of you who are celebrating it.

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long to read. dont have time to read something stupid

  7. this is more boring and egotistical than all the asshole lamebook posters that write similarly long comments to try and look funny, when theyr actually lame as shit, like that duke bitch, and that other dildo imamofo, so unfunny

  8. @3 too Long;didn’t Read

  9. Freda and David should get married, then spend the next 50 years writing loads of horse shit that the rest of the world will never read.

  10. I may have enough free time to check into a variety of blogs each day, but I don’t have time to read the long BS, especially when I know from experience that anything this long in a Facebook status comment is bound to be incredibly lame.

  11. anonisgayisgay -if you are referring to me, then fuck you

  12. Yeah, why haven’t they come out with a Lamebook on CD? Do they expect me to use my brain and read anymore?

  13. gengenitalisman – it would be impossible to do that, since 95% of the posts are about typos or pictures, something you can’t really “record”.

  14. Wow….oh, and Freda, if you’re going to go spout out some fuckery, learn your animalistic calls. Reindeer d not neigh like a horse being ridden or mated. They grunt, bellow, snort, and maniacally laugh as they smear their faeces covered bottoms all over you and David.

    This was childish trash. I read it, simply because I have my Christmas shopping done and have nothing to get food wise from the store for dinner tomorrow. I don’t like last minute hassles and holiday nutters out there.

  15. do* psh. I love it when I bash a post, then arse up my own.

  16. probably referring to me… but in the words of DukeGuy…, Then Fuck you

    Its actually lame as shit, how people would sit on the internet for HOURS and say shit is “TL;DR”…

    what the fuck are you doing on a computer? Go watch tv.

    This post is awesome in a way that you probably cannot compute. The wit and idiocy flows together like awesome shit covered in ice cream. With a lil fucking cherry on top… “Way to ruin Christmas…”

  17. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Maybe anonisgayisgay is referring to me, in which case go rape yourself with a well groomed pine tree.

    I actually read the whole thing. Meh. Here’s the gist

    david: Santa gets in a horrible accident and looses his legs
    The chick: Santas gets saved by christmas spirit and resumes all his duties and then heads off to kill david blurryname
    David: Santa gets into a flaming (not really an) accident and while he is burning up he mistakenly transports into the chicks house and ruins her christmas.

    Even the summary is too long. and also merry Christmas to everyone and a FUCK YOU to anonisgayisgay

  18. All three Dukes in one comments section, that kids is the advent of the festive season! Credit and thanks to Anonis.

    About the TL; DR:
    # 3- google it next time goddammit, you’re clearly logged onto the net. Fuck I hate that.
    Duke- This post was actually TL;DR. You can admit it. Say it. Say it! SAY IT!

  19. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Saffer is it okay for me to be turned on by “Say it. Say it! SAY IT!“?
    I’m visualizing some kind of dominatrix-with-a-whip thing.

  20. This was long and dull as shit. Not that I read it.

    I see anonisgayisgay is as lonely and frustrated as ever. Merry Christmas, man/woman.

  21. pfff we canadians don’t say “ey” – we say “eh”. that’s what offended me the most about this whole thing.

  22. hahahaha britishhobo

  23. fiiine1!!!1

    if I’m gonna say it… VL;CR!!!!

    Very long; Can read… *giggles*

  24. oh c’mon give them points for arguing in a long-winded very strange and maniacal way. Better than the usual : Santa is cool! Is not! Is too! ect… And if you disagree, then there once was a lamebook frequenter who had a very tragic accident….

  25. Arguing that way is too better!

  26. freda and David are so stupid

  27. I think they’re quite brilliant, actually. What are the odds that two people randomly squabbling have an incredible knack for rhyming and storytelling? Waaayyy too well-written. Makes me suspicious, Lamebook…

  28. This is silly, Canada never had F-16s.

  29. @T0M4ever

    You’re wrong. The RCAF has 3 active and 2 reserve squadrons of F-16’s. Santa is toast.

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