Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

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  1. So I can call you assfat?

  2. Calenthedestroyer

    No worries, Fredzilla. At least you didn’t call me “Caitlyn” or some variation of that theme. Otherwise I’d have to harvest your organs and sell them for pizza money. Pepperoni Pizza.

    And Yoink, you kind of encourage that behavior by being so riled up. The whole “I’ll type however I want to type” thing encourages it, but if you were nice and accepted your grammarcap, I mean uh, handicap- most likely it would stop, or at least be a lot less.

  3. no cus that anit wat fanny meens

  4. Calenthedestroyer

    People need a way to transfer fat from one person to another. My metabolism is awesome, so I’m skinny no matter what I eat. I wouldn’t mind taking some weight off of someone else if they wanted to be more skinny. Especially considering I’d just lose it anyway.

  5. Calenthedestroyer

    Do you mean it in the sense of like…

    OH STEPHEN KING! I’m your biggest fanny!

  6. i do i sed to peple if they dunt wana reed it then dunt i dunt care if they do or not but peple go on an on bowt it an i havent got andry wiv u hav i

  7. So if “fanny” did mean “assfat,” I could call you “assfat?”

  8. Calenthedestroyer

    You haven’t, which is good- but if you don’t like it don’t read doesn’t exactly help, considering it’s still there, and if people wanna know what’s going on in the comments, they need to read all of it. Just out of curiosity, do you know how to spell correctly when you need to? You know, capitilization, punctuation… because if you don’t, you can just tell people that and apologize for the strain on the eyes- and if you do, you could make a little more effort.

    I know at least for me, it’s difficult to read your posts sometimes. Strains the eyes, and I already use contacts. If I lose any more vision because of this, I’m selling your organs for lazer eye surgery.

    That was a joke, eh wot.

  9. Calenthedestroyer


  10. Two references to organ harvesting. I’m not convinced you’re joking, anymore.

  11. Calenthedestroyer

    Hey, you can’t prove anything, man. And if you look in my refridgerator I’ll report you for invasion of privacy. On another note, I offer discounts on surgery.
    No refunds of course.

  12. Careful cuttin’ into yoink. Dude’s full of assfat, and that shit is volatile.

  13. Calenthedestroyer

    I can use it as a cure for the common cold.

  14. Calenthedestroyer

    On another note, I joined the site because of Yoink. I just had to correct at least a few of his posts.
    Shit was burning up inside me.

  15. Meh.

  16. Unless you do not speak English or you are mentally retarded there is no way Yoink’s post strain anyone’s eyes. For the last time he is typing phonetically, you know the way we teach 5 year olds to read. Anyone who cannot read his posts just as fast as BH’s has serious problems with the language or their brain. 😛

  17. @Nonnieyrissa, yes it’s easy enough to understand what Yoink is saying, but it’s not phonetic spelling. Otherwise words like ‘don’t’ would be correct, and as far as I’m aware there is no word pronounced ‘anit’. I’ve never said ‘andry’ in place of angry either, but I guess that might just be me.

  18. @crittter That is because it is not a common American expression but it still follows the “Hooked on Phonics” rules. I should know as I often help my 4 year old niece work on the program when I sit for her. And I think andry was a spelling error.

  19. If you look up the term Hero in the dictionary, there will be a picture of, well, nothing. Because it’s a dictionary. But I’m willing to bet that entry will smell little bit like FredNordie.

  20. Word.

  21. Walter Sobchak

    I feel like these comments have slightly corroded my essense as a human being.

  22. yoink has mentioned in previous post that he is dyslexic, i think we should be thankful that he is not spelling shit backwards.. on another note.. he is def. not typing phonetically, i’ve been reading his post for a long time.. and he just spells shit the way he wants too.. it has nothing to do with dyslexic or phonetics, its just incorrect… if you wanna go to phonetic route lets say this: wat is a man with a girlfriend doing spelling phonetically?? did he not go to school??? are the school systems over there that crappy??

  23. Pouty_lips, are you saying people who can’t spell shouldn’t be allowed girlfriends? That’s a bit harsh. Does that also count for people who can’t do maths too? And also deaf and blind people? What about people with only one leg? Are they banned from having girlfriend’s too?

  24. she has to increase her chances in the mateing pool somehow.

  25. hey been visitng the sitefrom the begining of the year, had to registar to put in my 2 cents… first off, the spelling / grammar natzi chit is lame to the enth degree… congradulations you managed to memorize a bunch of data thats only use is in english speaking countries, how worldly of you.. second yoink is retarded, dimple and plain, dyslexia will not have you write backwards. it has only to do with the imporation and perception of said words. now on the other hand i have dysgraphia/ agraphia… with no bearin on my reading comprehension level or my intelegance, I am still left esencialy illiterate, and am not able to write by hand. yes my spelling is still off and heavily phonetic, but i am given an opertunity to communicate that i was not afforded in school. i was able to pass my proficency (good enough deploma for kids under 18) while compleatly skipping the essay assignment, implying i essencially aced the multiple choice.
    sorry for the out burst, but wanted to inform you, that yess there are people who can not spell, get over it. By age 7 i was required to have learened to communicate in 5 languages due to geographic requirements.
    my general rule of thumb, “smile and nod” it will get you thru a tremendous amount in life… the only reason i voiced up,, was the attack on a disability. sorry no amount of fourced memorization will ever “correct” my spelling, and spell checking dose not help, half the time the word won’t key anything, or i end up with wrong definition. i am on the spectrum of autism, i am not ignorant. I try my best to communicate inteligantly and understandably, while fighting to communicate period. ask me to write by hand and it looks as tho a grade schooler did it, ask me to artisticaly create lettering no problem, at that point i am working in shapes messurments and form, all areas of aplicable data, that can translate thru any barrior, whith zero loss in comprehension. take math, it is finite, it is aplicable and comprehendable… it is in the physical world, deductive reasoning is all required to operate within its peramiters.. spelling, while it is important for those who are authors etc, it is still not manditory, we have editors for that, no other “relative” communication dose.. spelling is subgective, and dose not trandsend all barriors, no matter how “perfect your spelling” there are always going to be words, that either have no translation or only have geographic relevance.. same reason half you jack offs are confused between england austrailia and usa.. BECAUSE SPELLING AND LANGUAGE AREN SUBJECTIVE AND RELATIVE…i.e. a consept, but never a law of science.

  26. yoink, Im disappointed in you. You made an error in spelling. If south is souf wouldn’t with be wif?, not wiv. Damn.

  27. Thanks for the rant philTmonx. i was going to have a go defending the language nazis here but they can do it so much better. All i’ll say is that Yoinks language makes a mockery of the years most them spent learning (mastering) one of the hardest languages on the planet.

  28. im glad for you.. and if your ignorant enough to say english is one of the hardest languages on the planet may god have mercy on your ignorant sole, you must be joking.. the grammar natzis can find all the humor they want in me… you my child trouble me, that has to be one of the catigoricaly dumbest things anyone has ever used as a justification. the simple statement that you think you are capable to “MASTER english” shows how unknowledgable you are… the day you know it all is the day you prove you dont know chit…
    and no yoink is not making a mockery of any of them, there just still to defensive from not being picked for the kickball team..

  29. *they’re or whatever the fug.. pritty sure if you have deductive reasoning and a minimal iq you can figure it out..

  30. My apologies phil. i only speak english and smattering of french and spanish. I’m a merely parroting what i have heard on my travels speaking to people of many nationalites who spoke a few languages either.
    when i spoke of mastering english i spoke as a person who struggles to write at a tertiary level. I’m also speaking of people who study the language as litrature or whatever.
    Also the mere fact that yoink exists and is understood makes a mockery of them.
    that is all.

  31. just read that back dunno what the word either is doing there

  32. Actually phil, it has been proven that English is one of the hardest languages to learn based on all our “wear/where” and “their/they’re/there”-isms (I’ve forgotten the word, it’s early in the morning and I can’t think for shit) and the fact that half of our letter combinations do not sound the way they should based on their letter sounds. Ask any teacher who works with ESL (English as a Second Language) students and they’ll tell you the same thing.

  33. SimplePleasures

    The pleasures reading these comments give me.

    Such a change from YouTube.

  34. i’m very fluently in both english and spanish with english being my first language and i’ve worked with ESL students.. english is most def. the hardest language to master and still does not excuse the amount of errors in yoinks posts, in yours if you haven’t noticed you don’t have a whole lot of errors.. and the errors you do have are actually phonetically written.. yoinks arent. i’m just pointing out.. i am in no way a grammer nazi.. i’m just tired of sounding out his words to understand wat he was trying to say… and no i didn’t mean he can’t have a girfriend if he doesn’t know how to spell.. i find it very inconcievable that someone his age, can’t get thru one sentence without correct spelling.. i’m almost positive its staged cause i’ve checked the lamebook fan page on facebook, and with a guy of his very loudly voiced opinion, there is not one person on that page that spells like him…. i doubt his facebook page is as uncomfortable to read as his lamebook comments, they aren’t impossible to read, just irritable to read.

    put that in your pipes and smoke it.

    that is all.

  35. PingPonginDingDang


  36. Actually I’m an ESL teacher (English as a second language) and I’d agree that English is one of the hardest languages in the world. I know a lot of people disagree (mostly learners, not natives) because English is a very very easy language if you just want to be able to communicate. But there’s 3 things that make English very difficult to learn to a high level. 1. it’s really hard to know when to use certain tenses (other languages are much more flexible in this) 2. we have millions and millions of phrasal verbs (eg. get up, get off, get in, put off, put in, put on – it’s a nightmare to learn them all) and 2. We use many many idioms that make no sense at all if you haven’t learnt them

  37. Pouty….ok it’s cool if you don’t like Yoink’s ways. I think he can spell when he wants too, but likes to write as things sound. Also, not to be pedantic but you said “I’m very fluently in English” ….are you sure? And you’ve taught English to foreigners? Was this just a typo then? 🙂

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