Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ApParently Not

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  1. Good to be in the habit of reading the last comment first and deciding if anything was resolved.
    Nothing is ever resolved.

  2. Yeah yoink you do make more sense than Fred it seems… and I’ve smoked more and drank more since 5:00p.m than most normal people do in a weekend…fuck it’s Tuesday .. I better call my work.

  3. Thanks.

  4. Calenthedestroyer

    Yoink’s last post:
    fred u fink ur beein funni but ur relly not noone can evan undastand u an u fink ur takin the pis outa me wel ur not ur just makin a twatmong outa urself so id stop if i was u

    Fred, I am very upset with you. You think you are being humorous, but I assure you that you are not. For one, no one can understand you. You are not stealing urine from me, if you think you are. Because you are not. You’re just making a vagina monkey out of yourself. So I would stop, if I were you.

  5. loooooooooool vagina munkey!!!!! loooooooooool

  6. Wouldn’t the phonetic spelling of “lol” be “ell oh ell?”

    You know what, nevermind.

  7. fred i neva sed i tiped foneticly sunone else did i just tipe how i tipe

  8. Yes, yoink. That was a reference to the previous “anit” joke-run.


  9. Calenthedestroyer

    Fred. You are under the wrong assumption. I never said I typed phonetically. Someone else did. I just type how I type.

    ~Yoink’s last post

  10. Confession time:

    I am yoink, SoulDancer, dan_fargis, Laeif, Calenthedestroyer, FredNordie, and BritishHobo.


  11. I just can’t keep this up anymore. I am hereby tendering my resignation.

  12. Calenthedestroyer

    I also have a fetish for stuffed animals that look under 13.

  13. Boy, do I!

  14. Calenthedestroyer

    Touche, me. Touche.

  15. There are no 4 inch dildos because not everyone needs a dildo to get off. Like with breast size, it’s really a matter of personal preference, which is something not enough people realise. I actually knew a girl who went home with a guy, but left without having sex with him. Her reason? His dick was too big, and she thought it would hurt, which was something of a turn off. The only reason I believe this story is because I heard it from the girl herself, who was one of my oldest friends.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m actually freaked out that I can completely understand frednordie. “on” = ant, “ons” = ants, “nintendoes” = antennas. I need a beer

  17. Dukey rules.

  18. Dookie, on the other hand…

  19. Anyone else notice that the second one was posted at 4:20? 😀

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    95) FredNordie July 6th, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    ons. doze tins dat krall n haf lossa leggz n et shooga n haf nintendos on da hedz. day bot ma ahm cos ah shayv et wit wip crem. one on es kay bot more ons es bad!

    Exact Translation: Ants. Those things that crawl and have lots of legs and eat sugar and have antennas on their heads. They bite my arm because I shaved it with whipped cream. One ant is okay, but more ants is bad!

  21. 10 points to whoever got the Flight of the Conchords reference in the third one! 😀

  22. haha i did something like that at the new moon one :L
    Bella: “i want to come Edward”
    Edward: “i dont want you to come”
    Bella: “i really wanna come”
    Edward: “im not going to let you come”
    Bella: “im going to come”
    me: *burst out laughing uncontrollably*
    rest of audience: *give me evil looks*
    me: give them a thumbs up*

  23. woops i commented on the wrong one :/

  24. laugh.out.loud

    Lol dukey… I could not for the life of me figure out how nintendo got into that sentence lol great job. @ 38 sumfin missin ha fuckin ha how rood! Yoink. Can we be friends? I think that I love you.

  25. Walter Sobchak

    Yoink stop complaining about not being able to understand Fred you hypocritical whinger. If you have a problem with it don’t fuckin read it.

  26. I can understand Yoink and Fred no worries. The trick is figure out what accent they’re typing in. So ons=ants. Once you get a few sounds right, it’s simple. We should all type in accents. Who wants to do French?

    And can we ask, Fred, why you shaved your arm with whipped cream? Some kinda fetish….?

  27. damn!!!! i missed out on a lot!!! and still no dan.. muahahahahahahah…

    @4inches: sure darling! its sure to make my bed a bit warmer. 😉

  28. sen az ah no no ha ta ritenn reed tiz uh meerkal ahg awt krem etal.

    ev shav ya ahm wif buddha? ah half. ah koont hole ahnta nuff in an ma fin gus slep toff da keez walla teyept!

    splanes samuch!

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow Fred.

    Translation #128:

    Seeing as I no know how to write and read, it’s a miracle I got cream at all.

    Have you shaved your arm with butter? I have. I couldn’t hold onto nothing and my fingers slipped off the keys while I typed (teyept dude really?).

    Explains so much!

  30. I’m only commenting (sadly) for this to Dan Whatshisface.

    As a graduate of the public school system and a future teacher going back into it, and a Christian, I say: Public school does not make people sinful. THEIR OWN WILL DOES.

    Therefore: Fuck you.

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Excellent display of Christianity Grace.

  32. I’m impressed Dukey…was having trouble with that. Is that a southerners accent then Fred? Sure ain’t French. I like the way you turned butter into Buddha

  33. I’m impressed Dukey…was having trouble with that. Is that a southerners accent then Fred? Sure ain’t French. I like the way you turned butter into Buddha.

  34. suvern lan tick maff akt. iffinyouwantstatangle.

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