Monday, December 6, 2010

The Hype Type

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  1. lol – nice one, dad! Divorce.

  2. the first one is not a lamebook. it’s currently the most popular post on Damn You Auto Correct (

  3. First one is fake –

  4. The person who uploaded the first to DYAC could’ve uploaded this to here…

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Woman suck!!!!!!!!! I think I found a new catchphrase 😀

  6. Dang, that was a pretty good one too. Booo.

  7. in addition to the other comments on it; I found the first one on The Art Of Trolling days ago

  8. #2 is hilarious!

  9. i don’t need to ‘no’ danielle to ‘no’ why she’s so shocked.

  10. Not only is the first one not his own material but for anyone who has an iPhone you would know that the green is for your own texts and the white is for received texts so unless he got a picture from his dad’s phone, he’s an awful liar.

  11. This Lamebook update simply has to be the most insipid I have seen to date. Facebook cannot simply be running out of idiots this far into their game. For fucks sake, I know at least half of the trailer parks and urban ghettos across the US have high speed internet with FB accounts that are used to document their every bowel movement, keeping it real moment, or baby daddy verbal beat down.

  12. For all of you people who say “this was on http://www…...”. Not all of us troll every other site out there that displays this stuff. Just because something has been submitted to other sites as well doesn’t mean its a fake or stolen, or shouldn’t be posted here.
    I do agree however that the Iphone one is a fake because your own texts are green.

  13. ^ Rybart, not only is it obvious because of the text, if you click on… it says it right there on the front page.

  14. Jonathan, wise up. You know very well that he meant to type that, and tried to cleverly blame the phone. Just accept it.

    Woman cook in kitchen!

    no Danielle we don’t no why ur shocked it’s a misteri but gewd job

  15. #1 is hilarious – I literally lol’d… I don’t give a shit if it’s fake, what website originally posted it, or how long it’s been circulating the internet… The point is, it made me chuckle. Lighten up, friends!

  16. I agree with Rybart. I don’t have time to troll all the other sites…. love the mix that lamebook provides.

  17. Thanks Rybart! Totally agreed!

  18. some killljoys on this site, gawd! Once again the posts (especially 1) were good until I got to the comments.

    Let’s get it out of our system once and for all. Ready? One, two, three: “FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!,” “I saw it on: I’,” “FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!”


    I laughed out loud for both of them. I don’t care if they’re fake, that’s some fine comedy writing. Saffer was right, get it out of your system you giant douchetrons. No one cares. Go back to 4chan.

  20. “Rybart, not only is it obvious because of the text, if you click on… it says it right there on the front page.”

    shucks msBuzzkillington. You sure do live up to your name.

  21. Oh Mike, like giving orders in the bedroom? Hmmm my kinda guy 😉

    As for the “fake” post …. why fake such crap? I didn’t even find it funny.

  22. I remember how I let my kids that my relationship with their mother had come to an end… I sent them a body part each so that when they met up they could join them together like a large corpsey jigsaw.

    Danielle, I’m surprised too you illiterate spunk hungry hippo.

  23. Stupid iPhone. First the poor kid thinks his parents are just divorcing. Then he finds out they’re going to Disney without him!! Nooooo!!!!

    I don’t mind fake things. In fact, I love fake things. I even love fake love.

  24. @12.. Ok, fair enough, if you don’t want a fake ruined for you by people saying this was posted at, then I don’t want a fake ruined for me by you telling me it’s fake because of the color. Hyporcrite?

    Actually, couldn’t care less. I enjoy it when people call fake.. but I think your post was annoying. That is all.

  25. Since when does disney spellcheck to divorce??

  26. it doesn’t.. as you can tell from most of the 24 previous comments, this is FAKE!!!

  27. This post may very well indeed be fake, but for those of you that are saying this is fake simply because the text from the father was green, you’re wrong. No place in the post does it say the post was made from an IPhone. The text messages on the Droid X are set to green for incoming and grey for outgoing. And let’s not forget there are apps out there that allow you to change the colors of the messages.

  28. It’s not really her picture, anyways, even if it was made up. It was posted a while ago on

  29. The first one would have been funnier if Jonathan had responded with “Thank god, I hate that bitch.” The “I meant Disney” reply would have been much, much more awkward.

    Woman suck. My heart. My soul. My shotgun.

    Danielle, nice job, but futile since you’ll be dead from cumdrown soon enough.

  30. repeating what factories said. that was posted on awhile ago. seriously doubt its his.

  31. danielle blue the teacher

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