Friday, March 19, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. don’t tell me I’m ben!

  2. #2 pic…never mind the hand in the cleavage…………..what the heel is the 2nd last chick hiding from??

  3. *hell* I’m waffling 🙁

  4. The first one made me laugh pretty good… I imagine them being high as shit… or he’s trying to give her an outdoor dutch oven…

  5. lol… first one looks like he is trying to get a high five for his awesome accomplishment

  6. I like hot chicks who moon people.

  7. number 2 confuses me, but I would love to know what is going on in the last one – is she trying to go inside the fridge or something??

  8. Ladies Must Love A Night On The Town, On That Big Wheel.

  9. The last one has a poster in the background. If not, that chick is a giant and I would like to scale her peaks and valleys.

  10. What the fuck is going on in the first picture? xD

  11. Soup is correct it is probably this poster

    still not the best image to have in your background tho

  12. The first one: “Look up my shirt and spell ATTIC”

  13. so his kids big wheel is in the background…whats so lame or even funny about that?

  14. I don’t get the third one. ???

  15. Yeah, I’m not getting the third one?

  16. Why mosaic out number 4 – show us the poon

  17. What’s going on in the first one? Is the woman taking a picture while she’s hiding or wtf?

    And yeah, I don’t really get the third one either… can anyone explain it?

  18. I’m with randomuser…pic #2, the chick hiding in a shirt or whatever? WTF? The shirt kinda looks like it has something wet and weighty in it, too. And I’m lovin’ the garbage bag “balloons”. Gives new meaning to the term “white trash”.

    In #4, the girl with her booty out- there’s no way her booty wasn’t out in the first place; that blouse/dress/whatever isn’t long enough to cover it, even without some guy copping a feel.

  19. pic #1 is clearly posed

  20. I think the third one is supposed to be lame because there is a kid’s three wheeler in the back. Apparently this makes the guy on the real bike less manly. Personally I think the wife-beater and flip-flops on a street bike accomplishes that impression on its own.

  21. The Blind Assassin

    It’s definitely a poster if you look closely.
    Notice the creases and light shining on it?
    #3 is funny because of the irony.
    This guy is trying to look like a badass on his chopper yet there’s a toddler bike in the background.

  22. So badass chopper dudes can’t have toddlers? I don’t get it.

  23. I still don’t get #3. I love #2 though…that looks like one classy party!

  24. I love those pants in pic #4. I would love to have a pair of those for my girlfriend.

  25. Oh and pic #1 made me laugh pretty hard. It’s almost like he is saying ” That’s right bitch, smell my fart!”

  26. Well, actually, I’d like to think of those replacement balloons as fun bags. Sure can’t go wrong with those at your party, although wrapping your head with a sweater comes in at a close second.

  27. I’m with you, Douchetastic. I think a guy can have toddlers and still be a badass motorcycle dude, but that may be because my husband is reading this as I type.

    But I do question the powder blue flip-flops. Leather studded flip-flops actually studded into the foot- maybe. But powder blue- not so much.

  28. In #2 they are not garbage bags balloons, they are part of an art installation involving recycling, and they are lights. The woman is wearing a hooded scarf, why, I have no idea as they are ugly and she is indoors. But they are not white trash, a glass of tea costs more there than a full meal at a local pub/bar.

  29. @Nonnieryissa: So, which one are you in the picture?

  30. So men with motorcycles aren’t allowed to have children? The only thing lame about that is the person who submitted it.

  31. http : // www . facebook . com / Nonnieyrissa

  32. Ha ha 😛

  33. The handlebars on the trike in #3 almost look like they’ve been replaced with some unusual self-stimulation aide, like a pocket pussy with handles.

    #1 – what can I say? Almost looks like the dude is excessively well-hung.

    Big “likes” to the poster in #5. 😉

  34. randonm question
    does hot crotoch= fire crotoch?

  35. totally agree with the trike in #3. looks like some sex toy.
    tights in #4, hot. wanna see some chicks bent over wearin them at the next party i’m at.

    as for #5, it’s definitely a poster. i know a few people that have it. she’s wearing a thong. orange maybe? don’t see the point in blurring that. considering i’ve seen a pic of a pool full of placenta blood, and another of baby shit on this site…

  36. @snwbrdchlr – Come on, we’re talking about a woman bending over in a thong here, we should be thanking Lamebook for sparing us that horrid image. I mean, a pic of a nice lady painting a canvas with human feces or a pot of placenta stewing away on a stovetop is all well and good, but a GIRL in a THONG? Unacceptable.

  37. Elizabeth Bathory

    Note his name at #3, he might not be American, and might definitely be from a country where it is so hot, even this very chilly “spring” day, you end up wearing the first pair of flip-flops you’ve come across. The coloring of the dirt only reinforce my opinion, IMO. :p

  38. JesusOnADinosaur

    First one – WIN!

  39. @ JesusOnADinosaur completely off topic, but i fucking love your screen name.

  40. i just registered so i could agree with danetta. JesusOnADinosaur is the best mental picture ever.

  41. i picture jesus riding into jerusalem, but on a t-rex instead of a donkey. also, he is raptor jesus.

  42. Pretty sure in # 1 he’s trying to get her to take a picture of him getting a BJ so he can be like
    “…this one’s in Puerto Plato. I got this chick to take a picture of her giving me head on a public beach…”

  43. #1 cracked me up!

  44. lol

  45. last one definitely looks like a poster.

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