Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lil Wins

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  1. In her defense I like Elixabeth because I’m Adrian 😛

  2. fuck off

  3. dietpill.. in that case, id be as willing to jump on their cases as i was on schiumas… though i doubt that the backlash would be as dramatic as you make out… because i think most people are more mature than myself you and schiuma, and would ignore the comment entirely.. in any case, your proposed tagline is not stating a belief system like els was.. it is denying someone else’s belief system.. there is a difference.. maybe part of your belief system is not advertising your belief system… which is fine… but that’s not everyones.. so why try to stop someone who wants to advertise it..? are you afraid someone might listen?? i don’t think so, given how you clearly look down on people who don’t understand or believe the things you take as fact… so unless you are afraid, it really serves no purpose whatsoever to demand someone abandon their beliefs because you don’t understand or believe them… except to make you two feel like good tough atheists doing your bit to stop the spread of hope amongst the dumb peasant creationists who happen to cross your path…

  4. you see double standards because you’re blinded by your own brilliance.. though the only eyes that it shines for are your own…

  5. When people post religious-related shit as a tag line they are basically just *begging* for attention… Wanting fellow believers to praise them for their faith; and wanting to piss off everybody else… 😛

    I’m starting to think elixabeth is a troll who just wants to start religious debates on Lamebook… It’s certainly working…

  6. its hardly a religious debate…

  7. Well whatever kind of argument it is… *shrug* … think that people should keep their religious opinions or lack thereof to themselves, cause to be quite honest, nobody else wants to hear them, ‘specially on a site like this, it’s supposed to be just fun.

    In relation to the post… I like the GPS one, I lol’d…

  8. I kind of wish I’d never said anything. I found elixabeth’s tag annoying, but this argument is more annoying :S

  9. dietpillpyramidscheme

    In order to end said argument, I’ll revert to mock-narcissism; “Hey, I am brilliant! Thanks for noticing.

    Seriously, though, didn’t I say that my example tagline was arbitrary? As in, I’m in a hurry, and it’s merely an example?

    I don’t know what make believe world you live in, but I’m sure that inside of it, you are a mighty knight of political correctness, riding high upon your horse, ‘self-rightiousness’, as you swing the enchanted blade ‘hipocrutio’ to cleave forth thy enemies.

    …I’m making little sense. I’m gonna sleep, then regret this nonsensical rebuttal later on.

  10. u are a twat.

  11. Is this ‘argument’ a competition to see who can say ‘live and let live’ in the most intelligent and philosophical way? Because if you go over it, you’re all arguing the same point really. Well, you were from the start. Just sayin’ 😉

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