Friday, August 27, 2010

Keepin’ It in the Family

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  1. Meh.

  2. 2st

  3. 3rd

  4. Oh yeah and first bitches!!!

  5. 😛 I almost got ben, but stupid computer fd up

  6. Robert FTW… keep the cocky little bastard in his place.

  7. The xbox is like crack to most teens. I love Robert R.

  8. yeah that first one was pretty funny. Xbox is NOT like crack to teens. I’m waaay beyond my teens and it’s like crack to me too.

  9. Is the picture of the dogs going at it Robert’s profile picture, or the official logo of their marriage?

  10. Hayley’s aunt wants to double team a hot chick with her! I’ve seen that movie.

  11. Do the dogs have Facebook pages? I know some people that have done that, so maybe some friends took a picture of the dogs going at it and decided they should get married…sadly, that was my first impression of what it was.

  12. robert ftw

    what purpose does it serve Terri to sign off “love aunt T?” it’s like all those mom’s sign off “-mom” it’s really annoying like you’d forget that they gave birth to you. infact, who signs off on someone’s wall; it’s not a letter. O god! I’m ranting… OK I’m going to go get some coffee now

  13. saffer i totally agree, theyre the kind of ppl (who i imagine on facebook britishHobo and alordslums are) who after writing a comment with their fuckin name on like david, will then sign it – Dave

    and fuckin shit liek that, your gona b embarassed britishhobo cus you know im right, fag

  14. Yay, the world rejoice, for he hath returned, welcome back anonisgayisgay and your cutting put-downs.

    Good work fella, keep it up.

    Love,as always

  15. Oh man, you’re so right. You’re always right.


  16. It’s like he sees into your soul Hobo

    all the best P.O.G.

  17. meow

  18. @9
    BritishHobo, that was the picture on front of all the wedding invites, obviously. It’s clear they love to do it doggystyle.

  19. i like robert,meeoow

  20. -Trademark

  21. BritishHobo is a fag?!? Well fuck. I quit smoking six months ago. Now I have no reason to be here at all. *le sigh*

  22. Trademark™

  23. So which one is the bitch? Daphne or Robert? I can’t tell.

  24. Oh, I forgot…

    Love, word.

  25. 1st one – Dad wins.
    2nd one – Good show Hayley, next time post pics.
    3rd one – Wtf?

    – CommentsAtLarge

  26. Wordy, me thinks its Robert – looks like the boy dog is on the receiving end of the slow and dirty.

    – C.A.L.

  27. Comments, quite possible, but when it comes to marriage, I’d say, ultimately, they’d both be bitches.

    Love, word.

  28. @ anonisgayisgay

    -love lamebookpro

  29. dirtylittlepretty

    Aunt Tee is just looking for a know..showing that she is down and all.

    love always, dirtylittlepretty

  30. Who's That Girl?

    I’m fairly certain it’s considered child abuse to deprive your children of video games these days. CPS will overlook food deprivation before they let Robert’s little stunt go. Douche.


  31. anonisgayisgay is multitasking now?

    Love, Junie

  32. sycorax, loving the name. YOu can… put… me… inbetween your lips… whenever…

    On second thoughts maybe I should leave the uphenisms to the rest of you.


  33. My friend locked her son’s xbox in her trunk. She drove to work with him hanging off the front of her car for a ways. I’m serious.
    Love, Teeda

  34. Wordymyperv,

    Marriage is a give-and-take relationship, just alternate whose doing the giving and whose taking it.

    love, Comments

  35. Comments, so true, and that’s why God invented strap-ons.

    Love, wordyyourperv.

  36. ahahahahaha fuckin i love the group effort of bein noobs, actually truthfully made me laugh and respect this comments section a bit lol.

    love, fuck you youre all gay

  37. Look at that, everyone! We’ve amused anon, AND he’s given some respect (in this thread).

    I am actually a little turned on (I blame the pills).

    Love, gay word

  38. first one was lol.. the others were just suck.

  39. I was going to ask if commenting in this section made anon gay as well under the “youre all gay” clause, but that would mean his/her username would become anonisgayisgayisgay. That many “isgay”s make my eyes cross

    – CommentsAtLargeIsGay

  40. When you change your relationship to “married to X”, facebook finds a picture with both of you tagged (if there is one) to accompany the newsfeed story. In this picture, they’ve just been tagged as their respective dogs.

  41. I tried to change my username to ‘Dikridor’ only to find I had been beaten to it. Well played Dikridor, well played.

    Love Rockinghorsefly

  42. That picture certainly does present a challenge. But I can see the fluffy white dog is not one to back down from one…

    – Milo

  43. You guys are amazing 🙂

  44. Saffer you didn’t sign your name

    -Señor Smoothy Buns

  45. Aunt Tea is hella tight

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