Friday, February 12, 2010

FANtastic Friday

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  1. Now for the comments to start in regards to “I’m not gay but $20 is $20.” to continue the discussion from the last posting.

  2. Haha too true.

  3. Awwwww, I’m getting all nostalgic over the ‘S’ thing.

  4. What’s so funny about the S thing? I’m sure there are funnier groups out there.

  5. That “S” is what we Brits would call a “8”.

    What’s this about $20?

  6. lol, gay for pay is still gay..he just got paid.

  7. I know way too many “gay for pay” guys… sorry to say I paid. but! it was HOT!

  8. @stillkingj You said butt!! hahahahah!

  9. I’m from the UK, and as far as I know Csi (or CSI) is a tv programme.

    And yeah, the “S” thing looks like an 8 to me.

    And I may be being naive here but isn’t gay for pay technically bicurious?

  10. Whoa, just got a flash back to late 80’s. The “Skate” was all over my trapper keeper!

  11. The Stussy S! I remember it well!

  12. What was the deal with that ‘S’? EVERYONE used to draw it everywhere in primary school, over all their books and everything…
    Also I don’t get why ot’s up here. But hey.

    I tried to find the ‘Lindsey ____ your not pregnant YOU FUCKING LIAR!!!!!!1’ group, but I couldn’t 🙁

  13. I feel like I’ve missed out on some major part of childhood I was supposed to have experienced. I never drew that S thing.

  14. That S aint just an 80s thing, as kids we used to draw it in the 70s as well. The dad of a mate of mine was a machinist and made a couple of them in stainless steel and glued them to his Sukuki dirt bike fuel tank, we were so envious!

  15. I’ve never seen the S thing. Maybe it was because I wasn’t in the “dory McDork” club… Yes I said dorky McDork; what?

  16. Why isn’t there a join button in the Hitting Women fan page?

  17. @danica: Actually you said ‘dory’ McDork. And you missed out. That was one fun clib.

  18. I remember all the “cool kids” drawing the S thing, and I never knew how until my sister, who is, let’s face it, cooler than me, showed me how.
    I felt great and started drawing it on all my notes, only to find out people had stopped drawing it because it was no longer cool.
    Story of my life.

  19. what kind of backwoods elementary school did I go to???? I have no idea what the hell that “S” thing is…and I don’t remember ever seeing it.

    So what did the “S” mean? “Skate”???

  20. @19: For us, it was just an S 😀

  21. All the cool guys drew the S thing and all the lesbian girls (I assumed they were all lesbians, since they wouldn’t let me touch their good-goods) wrote their names in bubble letters, over and over again.

    I didn’t do either… I drew stick figure porn along with various pictures of a decapitated duck head attacking cities, with tanks and helicopters trying to defend against the seige.

    …. I had issues.

  22. @mcowles

    was all of this done in elementary school? :p

  23. BTW, Chris Brown being a fan of Hitting Women, FTL. I’m surprised it hasn’t been submitted earlier. LAME.

  24. @mcowles: Did you have pogs too? That would be awesome if you did!

  25. Scarlett The Harlot

    I still doodle this “S” thing …

  26. I never saw the “S” thing, but I did the name in bubble letters thing.

    McCowles, did I go to school with you?

  27. The Chris Brown thing is months old. I saw that when news first broke that he hit Rhianna.

  28. Same here with all the girls doing the bubble letters and the boys doing the S

  29. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    oh, that S. i remember it well. *sigh of nostalgia*

  30. how do all these fans of this page NOT know that that “s thing” is the fucking stussy logo? way to be posers!

  31. how do all these fans of this page NOT know that that “s thing” is the fucking stussy logo? or was in the early 90s anyway. way to be posers!

  32. I don’t know about you, but when I was in elementary school, I didn’t give a fuck about logos.
    I was excited because of how easy it was to draw. But yes, I must be a poser. Shame on past me!

  33. Ah! The Stussy S. I used to draw that all over my folders in elementary school! That brings back memories!

  34. the s thing was from senate skate company not stussy

  35. thanks americanpastoral…now I understand why I didn’t know what the “S” meant. Because when I was in school all the skater kids WERE posers…

  36. HA!

    I teach first grade and my kids were drawing the “S” thing just a couple weeks ago!

  37. I only drew the “S” thing because it looked like Michigan State’s “S”…

  38. We drew the S in the ’90s too. 🙂

  39. The S thing, I remember people called it a “stoosee”. Around fifth grade the schools started filling our little impressionable minds with fear of drugs and gangs so I was terrified of drawing one, lest I got in trouble for “gang paraphernalia”.

    I hate our school system…

  40. @mikeyxxx no… it’s definitely the Stussy S.

  41. @Cherry Cola

    Ummm, Middle School and into High School. I still draw a floating, ominous duck head from time to time :).


    I had one pog… I wanted “in on the craze”, but I only knew one person that had any pogs and they would only give me one. So I took it, and thus, I had one pog. I played with it for about 30 minutes, then I bent it in half (they were just cardboard-like material) and threw it away. Pogs… haha.

    @Ms. Terri

    No, I just know you a little too well, in fact… whoa, stop that, put that down, you’re clean enough! You’re just gonna hurt yourself! Oh, I guess that’s the point, nevermind, carryon.

  42. when I saw the “S” fan page I laughed so hard I peed a lil.. lol.. >.< and then immediately went on to facebook and became a fan!

  43. Interesting that a clothing company claims it yet it was drawn by kids twenty years before the company was founded. Wouldnt be the first time a company has claimed something stolen from the public domain

  44. My students (in South Korea) all love learning about cursive script but nobody cares about the ‘Stussy S’. I’m pretty sure that’s the opposite of how things went at my elementary school.

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