Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. lol@lexluther!!!!!

  2. @chicky_monkey no, they’re still both. I never said they were gay for each other

  3. @ wordpervert

    Haha! Hey I like nurses… My wife is a surgical tech… I just saying the ratio isnt like our fantasies… Next time you are at work look around and you will see (although I think scrubs look hot on chic… Then again I’m wierd)

    And dont worry… I’m in the profession where people assume I have pocket protectors and tape on my glasses… Noone thinks, its an unwritten rule that engineers are hot, lol

  4. Oh, Jenna, tsk tsk.

    There’s never a good c*nt puncher around when you need one.

  5. oh mcowles, you still have my <3

  6. This comment section is gay.


  7. @omfgitsdrea

    I don’t want your <3… you know what I want of yours. It starts with "S" and ends in "pard".

    If you're thinking "Jean Luc Picard?", then you may have a learning disability, even if he is awesome and attractive.

  8. Well I’ll give you that slimjayz re the attractive ratio thing.
    That goes for almost any profession save for a few.
    I know all fireman aren’t hot, but for the most part, when they’re in all their gear, it usually makes them look sexy.
    Except for him up there in the picture, he don’t!

  9. I love how her name is Jenna. Maybe Daddy didn’t have the heart to break it to her πŸ™

  10. @britishhobo i see what you did there

  11. Fireman photo>> Bush photo >>>> the others

  12. That baby has terrible taste in beer.

  13. Jenna is from the south. From south of the line that divides normality from mental retardation.

  14. Something tells me not even Palin would have made that mistake…

  15. @galleleo

    Only because she wrote it on her hand. Not that I’m political or anything.

  16. In Britain “camp” actually MEANS gay!!! Or more like “faggy”, as in “see how limp his wrist is, how camp!”

  17. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    every good fireman needs to pause for a photo op before putting out a fire.

  18. Jenna is the reason the whole world hates America.

  19. That must be Jenna Bush lol j/k

  20. #1a) Luckily when the bears finish, the male will want to sleep, and the female will want to chat, so the kids get to live. b) Why do you ask, Two Bears Fucking?

    #2) Bush is adorable? I think we can eliminate anything that comes out of Jenna’s mouth as poppycock and not worth listening too.

    #3) lol

    #4) Speechless, make… …sick… …and… …want… …kill.

    #5) Don’t think I would say a case of Bud Light is any form of rollin’.

  21. I know the Camp Bros. They’re from north Mississippi. Wealthy family- good people, not gay. Promise.

  22. I wish my friends were this dumb. It would make life more interesting.

    And the baby being in the beer box doesn’t worry me as much as the beer box being near the edge of the table and leaned on by the older one does.

  23. @Apolotical

    Well that’s true, but she had the wits to write it on her hand first! Wait, wits is completely the wrong word in this context…

  24. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    I always loved to watch Spanish soap operas and translate it myself even though I did not speak spanish at the time. I also love to insert dialogues into pictures, which I will do for you now with the GW Bush picture… πŸ™‚

    John Kerry: I want that seat. I want that seat. You are going down, you little whining bitch…

    Bald Guy in back: Why am I here? Where did my hair go? Wonder how much hair plugs are these days….

    President Bush: Look at me, I am sitting! Wanna watch me spin around really fast until I throw up? That would be super swell!

    Woman: The American public is right, he is an idiot. Can you do me a favor and just shoot me, John?


  25. @deanna: Really…? If they aren’t seriously gay than they might wanna rethink writing camp all over their shit when they posing for photos. I get it, it’s a surname thing, but didn’t incessant mockery at high school clue them into it’s double meaning? Flexible definitions of the word camp aside, why are two brothers adding text like “sex” into the mix? He is also wearing a particularly “campy” cravat, and I don’t mean it’s a family scarf.

    Maybe the fireman is the missing piece of the camp bros menage a trios…?
    He can pose for a photo before he hoses the bears off… who are not the only ones who need a cold shower by the looks of some of these comments…

    Jenna could be Jenna Bush… look into the presidential crystal ball America.

  26. The woman in the Bush photo is Karen Hughes, who dropped out of politics to actually raise her own child! Bald dwarf in rear (!) is the nefarious Carl Rove, Mr. “Family Values” who just divorced. The guy in front is NOT John Kerry, but I cannot make out who he is. This should have been posted under the “Douchebags and Baguettes” heading.

  27. Babycat: I’m gonna assume PosterformerlyknownasTristan knew that (benefit of the doubt), yeah if I was filling in the blanks on a thought bubble above Carl Rove’s head it’d involve a monologue on wanting to be Dick Cheney so bad, or building a Deathstar or how it’s my gay dad’s fault I have megalomania (Gay dad bit is true for the record).

    I think she’s trying to teach him to spell. Or which way is the right way up when you hold a book.

    I mean it wouldn’t surprise me to learn it, but why would Bush and Kerry hang out…? Unless you know, they are in some kind of secret socie… *some text missing*

  28. @alproshazan: “Camp” is not slang for “gay” over here in the States, at least these guys don’t know that. They have money, took this picture while living in Italy, and decided to add words that equal $$$$$ all over their picture. Maybe statements like, “We love boobies” or “We love having sex with women” would have been better, but then again, what would everyone discuss.

  29. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    Well, to me it looks like John Kerry so I went with it. I am sure that they have met and had meetings.

    I do want to thank Babycat for filling in the names though, putting names to pictures is great, but Carl back there looks completely lost while the John Kerry-looking guy is sending hateful subliminal messages of death to Da Bush-dog, yo.

  30. deanna
    …words that equal $$$$?… like Tennis? Does that mean that they pay for sex?
    So you know them, they sound like high rollers… I’m always impressed with expensive sounding words.
    β€œWe love having sex with women” would’ve maybe help to set it straight (Pun intended) as opposed to the slightly more ambiguous superimposition of the word sex over a picture of you and your brother. But hey, you said it, it gives me something to laugh at. I just wish I had thought of writing caviar and jets and yachts and box seats on my photos first.

    Tristan are you really sure that they have met and had meetings? You must have some top secret dossier or something… Skull n Bones secret society, as in google it.

  31. @ deanna – that’s right, because when I think of rich people, I automatically think, Snow Leopard! wtf?

    @galleleo, lol, wits is definitely *not* the right word…

  32. Cornelius Murdock

    brenda, those toddlers have ten years of big macs and bacon balls ahead of them before they “roll like you do”

  33. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    @ alproshazam

    I will quote Tom Cruise from Top Gun when I say, “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.” πŸ™‚

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