Friday, October 7, 2011

Background Checks


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  1. Nope.

  2. Whoever said “a picture is worth a thousand words” hasn’t seen these.

  3. I’m hoping there’s just stuff we didn’t notice that actually does make them funny.

  4. No sure I get the last one

  5. @jonhironimus – Well, there are two cribs in the room. TWO!

  6. And at least five piss stains.FIVE!

  7. Princess Court?

  8. The connection between the photos is it’s the same man at different points in his life. The first photo is his restless youth. Notice the giant needle stuck in his shoulder. It withdrew his testosterone, causing him to get fat and married–photo two. Several years later he realizes this and wants revenge–photo three. How did you all miss this?

  9. The first one is funny because he’s obviously a drunken irishman but he has Greek or Russian writing on the wall bhind him.

    The second one is funny because the guy in the background has an alien head emerging from his armpit.

    I don’t see anything unusual in the third one.

  10. *behind

  11. You used to be funny, Walter. What happened? Back on your meds?

  12. The first one is funny because it says “Princess Court” in the mirror behind him. Did no one get that? People are slow, lol.

  13. Stellaaa, thank you for the kind insult.

    Have you been around long? Do you know where to find me?

  14. What the fuck is wrong with people?!

  15. Smgdmfh…

  16. I fornicated with all of your mothers.

  17. Was my mother alive when you fornicated with her? If not, that’s disgusting. If she was, you must be pretty old because she died in 1955. Do you take Viagra?

    You must travel a lot. Do you have any preferred airlines? Do you take advantage of frequent flyer programs?

  18. Agreed with Stellaaa…what happened Walt? Esp. with that last comment ^^^ shameful!

  19. 3rd one, it looks like theres a little boy in one of those ride in car toy thingys behind him. Not very lame, or funny.

  20. meh

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