Friday, October 7, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. A blonde joke? That’s the best we can do?

  2. You could replace ‘Smart Blonde’ with ‘Smart Stanley’ and arrive at the same punch line. TUTH fairy? Seriously?

    One of the most fundamental rules of FB posting is, don’t post shit about other people being dumb when you yourself can’t spell worth a crap.

  3. If one person has already said “go as yourself”, like it, or say that you agree or something, don’t just keep posting the same thing like you’re the first to think of it.

    I thought #3 was gonna be a Bieber joke, coz I forgot about the Glee movie. Clearly a set-up though, otherwise the movie would be named.

  4. Well actually the dumb blond wouldn’t pick it up either becouse she thought it was a candy paper…

  5. Setup or not, Brandon’s reply is excellent…

  6. Poop.

  7. 3rd post probably watched something like “the hills have eyes” . that was awkward to watch with roommate at the time (a female) during the rape scenes in the begining. it would be more awkward if i had raped her before in a trailer in front of family (and then bit the head off a parakeet). I think the thing that made me wonder the most was the monster people lived in old atomic testing houses taht had manequins in every room but like 10 of them in the kitchen , 8 in the dining room and so forth. It really bugged me, but what bugs me the most is getting married and the wife watches Glee. I hide in my computer room and put on this white noise maker, it kinda works. But once i went to go smoke a butt and i saw them doing one fo their little shows, and they were doing that stupid song that some chic sings, taht goes “cry for yourmother cry for your sisters, cry for your brothers” nad so on . Forget the name of the band, its a crappy annoying song that gets stuck in your head and kills you. anyhow the kid in teh wheel chair was being spun around singing it, and water falls vegas style were going off and all this other crap you commonly see in High School plays and i almost killed myself. Im so dissappointed in my wife for watching that crap, then i learned its supposed to be a “comedy”. end of rant, one of you pricks can now tell me to STFU and so forth.

  8. 3rd is mine. Friend of mine was talking about some movie about two victims of child molestation or something and I didn’t know. Glee is the first thing that came to mind. Hahahaha

  9. Stanley’s blonde joke is a ripoff of a joke in Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy.” As for who Kevin Smith may have ripped it off from, I don’t know.

  10. Bring_back_fingering

    You deserve to be gang waped by eweven kowean pwaedophiles

  11. How dare you Stanley, the tuth fairy IS real!!

  12. Jeremy was definitely watching A Serbian Film, or Twilight.

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