Friday, August 27, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. The first one is disgusting. I can’t believe they let the black guy sit on their bench.

  2. How is the third one ‘lame’?

  3. @nuked I think it’s supposed to be lame because the two people in the background look like they are closely examining something in the general area of the girl’s pussy.

  4. Oh the horror. Somebody took a picture with only half of the word ‘Cocktail’.

  5. @Dukey Smoothy Buns: A sick individual might think that, but they’re clearly not.

    These ‘lames’ are a sorry bunch. Grow up, Lamebook!

  6. @junebug it’s still a sex “joke” with either half of the word.

  7. And thanks for the compliment nuked.

  8. But it’s such an infantile sex joke Dukey 🙁

  9. Hmm… I’m thinking green undies would be a good idea to mask the stains I often find in mine. Thanks Ellie!

  10. The girl in the last one has a hairier ass than I do, and I’m a guy. Gross!

  11. Hey junebug, I was wondering if you could scold me ever so gently again? I enjoyed it thoroughly last time.

  12. The most disgusting thing in all these is that monstrosity in the cowboy hat.

  13. Come on the last one is good. Butts are funny!

  14. The last one’s “lame” because it’s not an actual “background check”… the girl is clearly posing there as an excuse to snap the crack shot. (First one’s similar, but other way round: the “background checks” staged the scene…)

    Two is a decent “background check”; three and four are just dumb selections on Lamebook’s part.

  15. Paint_my_nails_please

    #2, camo-dress girl looks sandwiched between an aggressive nipple and trash-toilet girl. A night to remember for sure.

  16. The third one should be a foreground check cuz that chick be FUGLY! Blur out the whole face next time please. Better yet. Smack with a hammer.

  17. Background checks are usually crap, but these are just awful… one that’s clearly been set up, half of the world cocktail, someone’s crack, someone who’s clearly looking at the floor, and someone sitting behind someone else.

    Wow, Lamebook. Wow.

  18. sideshow – You’re a jerk.

  19. why is she going to the bathroom in a trash can? never in my drunk life have i sat on a trash can to pee…wth.

  20. Second one is probably one of the most disturbing background checks ever! How do you use the bathroom in a trashcan in public? Ew.

  21. So I had to create an account just to comment on #2…did anyone else notice it looks like the girl in the black has an inverted nipple sticking out of her top, and it looks like they are in a bus…So they’re on a tour bus, one girl is topless, and the other one is taking a pee/poop? in the garbage can, and the other chick is hanging out between them? Is it the Girls Gone Wild bus?

  22. Don’t think I wouldn’t smash.

  23. sideshow I was going to comment on that too, she has an awfully long chin, poor girl. The good news is that plastic surgeons will stay employed for reasons other than boobs!

  24. Lovelame, you nailed #2 right on the head. Looks like my kind of party. Girls that trashed are easy pickings.

    As for #1, the two guys on the bench staged it, but it’s a good photo to look back on and just laugh. Maybe it’s because that would be something I would do.

  25. Charlotte Sometimes

    wow…. cock in the background of a picture. REAL MATURE, LAMEBOOK. real mature.

  26. I completely agree BritishHobo. These all just plain suck. Not one of them made me chuckle. FAIL.

  27. Ohh … the green panties belong to the chick on the trash can … I thought maybe the girl in the middle just hadn’t pulled hers up all the way…at least there are no strings.

  28. @lovelame — she’s not topless, she’s wearing a dress. That’s the other girl’s arm not the top part of her body!

  29. Holy hell, how has no one else noticed/commented on the size of Ellie’s forehead?!? That thing is massive… and extremely greasy. She looks like one of those girls who is ultimately below-average looking, but thinks she’s an absolute knockout. Disproportionate body, mongo-sized forehead, a lack of personal hygiene, and (most likely) a shitty, self-obsessed personality equals a bitch I’d love to hit with a bat.

  30. Careful Stinkpickle. Saying that you want to smash someone with a blunt object might make CampGrooveThang call you a jerk.

    Thanks Campwhorethang. Love you too.

  31. lifelaughlovedance

    Number three isn’t that funny for all we know she has a phone or something FAIL.

  32. Disregarding everything else in the second picture, all the girls have good legs. I’ll give them that much.

    And a public ass crack reveal is never a good look, even when the ass on show is a good one, but that butt is beyond horrifying. Having that sitting at your bar would have to be bad for business.

  33. Walter, I shan’t scold you unless you do something bad. A gal’s got to have standards, ya’know.

  34. dirtylittlepretty

    garbage can girl is fucking weird…drunk or not.
    i DO think that is an inverted nipple.
    lastly…that is one HUGE HORRIFYING ASS!

    love always, dirtylittlepretty

  35. Only it’s not an inverted nipple. It’s camo-girl’s right arm, raised up high to the sky.

  36. the second one is funny.
    girl pooping in a waste basket. lawl.

  37. fat people used to be funny- now they are everywhere. no longer amusing or lamebook worthy even if ass is partly showing

  38. Is it just me or my computer but does anyone else notice the green panties in the picture look like they have been drawn in?

  39. sneakymonkey, it’s the picture quality, look at the shirt too

  40. Well dang it and shoot me down in flames, but am I the only one to think the ‘girl’ wearing black in the second pic is actually a man? Look at the size of him/her compared to Ellie – huge. That and the fact that the inverted nipple is sitting on a pretty flat looking breast there….hmmm. Tranny Annie’s out on the town.

  41. In the second one it’s not an inverted nipple. It’s the camo girl’s arm and a peice of her hair.You can see her elbow up top. And the lid on the garbage can looks like it’s closed. However, both her purple top and the green underwear look photoshopped in??

  42. Yeah there’s definitely something weird looking about those clothes.

  43. lumpyspaceprincess

    That is no ass in the last one, that is a trench.

  44. The top and the underwear are both almost cartoon-y…

    And the people that pose to the side to photo something like that – why? Why do you want a photo of that? It makes you either a bitch or determined to get onto lamebook… or maybe both…

  45. Yeah, that top one is staged by the dorks in the background. That shirtless guy doesn’t have to jerk off.

  46. @charmainiel….. hahaha…..

  47. urxlethalxdosage




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