Monday, December 6, 2010

I’m Lovin’ It?

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Kamera? Like chimera? Not something I’d want my name to be similar to.

  3. I thought camera with a K…not really better in my opinion. Also, I thought Ronald McDonald on the cake was more worthy of the “really?” comment. Classy shit right there. I hope year two is either Wendy or the always creepy as hell Burger King.

  4. Is it “Kamera” like… “Camera”? What is wrong with people? I’m pregnant with a girl right now and undecided on the name… maybe I’ll go with Kamcorder.

  5. Hella, you should try Qamkorder.

  6. Stever – Please get a fucking job already.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m pretty sure Stever already has a job and that’s why he is always first on the posts.

  8. You’re right Comments. That is more unique, which would mean I’m that much more intelligent, right?

  9. i think its cuh-MER-uh.

  10. Middle name: Nikon. Or, Nykon.

  11. hella, you could also take it in a new direction; branch from technology of the now and name her after technology of THE FUTURE! For instance Phaser Gun, Teleporter, Hovercar, Hoverboard, Time Travel, etc. And feel free to spice up the spelling. Thyme Travel sounds lovely.

  12. And people always accused MJ to be a child molester? I always found Ronald McDonald to be WAAAY creepier and more likely molester material.

    Agreed that the “Really?” comment should be directed more towards the picture on the cake than where the candle is. I think Blake is hilarious.

  13. Looks like Blake made a mockery of a mockery. I like him.

  14. I fucking hate clowns. The only way these could be made more epic, is if they had shopped in Pennywise in lieu of Ron.

  15. 1st pic: Blake is not seeing the issue. –;
    2nd pic: That is pretty creepy. Yikes! O_O;;;

  16. LOL @ comments….. Qamkorder!!

  17. Well, I suppose she is 20/21. She probably thought it was just soooo unique and cool.

  18. It’s a busy life for ol’ Ronald ain’t it?!

    When he’s not mentally scarring children by touching them with his big clowny jazz hands, he’s out either farming or funding the IRA.

    Still, he looks fucking ridiculous in a balaclava collecting his pension.

  19. He’s juggling hymens!

    Kamera… Fuck. She’ll be sexting by age six.

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