Wednesday, June 10, 2009




Rachel, good Lord.  Keep the photos of your baby baking factory to share with your main squeeze but not with the poor folks who had to find this on their Facebook feed.  Oh … and yeah … Congrats on the new rugrat.

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  1. Sorry I would have put this up earlier but didn’t know about this site till yesterday. Fuckzaring with the pixels just isn’t right though… so here [link removed]

  2. Sorry to user “caderday” but we had to remove the posted link to avoid any legal trouble. The original picture bypasses all anonymity.

  3. Wow, don’t these people actually look at the pictures they’re posting???? Or is it some kind of fetish to show all your Facebook friends your vag?

  4. This is sooooooooooo innaprop!!!
    Do people SEE what they put up here??? EWWW

  5. Why doesn’t the baby get its face blurred?

  6. damn thats hot

  7. I’ve seen the light!

  8. Big wonder is about who took the picture of mummy, daddy and baby with Vagina innit????

  9. So that’s where little Hayleys come from.

  10. What I’m learning is that if you’re pregnant, have kids, or just had a kid, it’s okay to display your vag on internet sites that anyone can see.

  11. That’s a herps-free vaginal orifice.

  12. CROP. CROP!!!!!!!!!

  13. is that her brother on the left

  14. barf

  15. I’ve already seen everything.

  16. Patrick Stewart, you made me lol.

  17. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    that is an ugly baby…

  18. Wow her male pattern baldness turns really grosses me out.

  19. sorry forget “turns”

  20. Repost: Wow her male pattern baldness really grosses me out.

  21. Is that baby albino? And thank GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the BLURRR cause I’d hate to see some hag’s stretched out vagina. G.R.O.S.S!!!

  22. Doesn’t look albino to me, but does seem to have a blue hand.

  23. Blue extremities are normal after birth.

  24. mmmmm, post birth flappy snatch!

  25. lmfao @Ho Fo Sho

    Flappy snatch. I’m gonna start using that.

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