Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Weak


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  1. WTF thistdax and shatterday

  2. Someone should tell Sanchia that God gave us a space bar for a reason.

  3. Except we’d still have Thursday. Or are we wiping out the Norse pantheon too?

  4. I like how much of a rebel Jonathan is.

  5. Oh God…what I would do for a Thistdax every week.

  6. Kirk, you playa you!!!

  7. Wow, Kirk you lil’ palya you.

    Jonothan, such a badass?!

    Sanchia – I think you should lay off the crack pipe bint, give it back to your brother. Learn to spell, it makes baby Jesus very sad when you do that.

  8. I dunno what’s lamer, the post, or the fact that six people “liked” it.

  9. WTF is “Thistdax”?

  10. Thristdax – (n.) The day between Wasteday and Fightday.

  11. Therpsday.

  12. is thist-day when one gets thisted?

  13. these types of people are the ones that give my religion a bad name..

  14. I’m pretty sure the days of the week would be the same whether theres a god or not…

  15. I just think she resents that the days of the week were really named after the Moon, Tiw, Woden, Thor, Frig, Saturn, and the Sun. Actually no, scratch that, she is almost definately clueless about this.

  16. maybe she just means with God? hmmm. weird. i’ll just check back next thistdax and see if there’s any updates

  17. So. I didnt really think the post was all that funny..
    it was everyones comments that had me dying… 🙂

  18. Thistdax is like my best character on Mortal Kombat.

  19. No sweetie, without God the days of the week would be the same since they are named after pagan gods.

  20. Shatterday sounds so hardcore

  21. oh man, i got myself into some fornicating trouble a couple thistdax’s ago. i sure hope i find god soon. golly.

  22. I’m asking god to give Sanchia herpies.

  23. hahahahahahaha I want to be friends with all of you. This is great.

    Also, we did rename Wednesday to Wasteday in college. Everyone was cool with it.

  24. @Cal

    Tiw is actually a mispronunciation of the name “Týr”. 🙂

  25. I think we all could use a “Sinday” every day!

  26. WORD!

  27. well i think mournday is kind of appropriate, being the end of the weekend and all

    still tryna figure out what thistdax means…

  28. laughed so hard at this.wasteday has been a good day.

  29. Thistdax is by far my favorite day of the week!

  30. LOLLL @Pyjamming

    hardcore just made my day

  31. spacebar

  32. 31 comments and no one has said anything about fightday?

    Oh, right! I forgot the second rule of fightday, is that we’re not allowed to talk about fightday.

  33. God has no fucking clue what you are blabbing about so shut up!

  34. @that dude. Right on.

  35. LOL I just Googled “thistdax” and the first entry came up as ” Thistdax is like my best character on Mortal Kombat.”

  36. All these comments made me snort cereal into my sinuses. Thanks a lot, you guys, I’ll be smelling Cap’n Crunch until Thistdax.

  37. My best bet is she meant to type Thirstday. As in a day for drinking.

  38. the comments are the best part of this post

  39. on another note X AND Y AREN’T EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE ON THE KEYBOARD!!! how did she fuck that up?

  40. She updated her status via cellphone. She probably didn’t hit the 9 key enough times. Duh.

  41. WTF is Thistdax? Is that supposed to be “Thirstday”? I’m aware of Thirsty Thursdays occurring on campuses everywhere, but she doesn’t strike me as the college-going type.

  42. Moonday, Tyrsday, Wodinsday, Thorsday, Fryrsday, Saturnday and Sunday.
    4 norse gods, 2 celestial bodies and 1 Roman god.

  43. Strike that, Greek god.

  44. Wow … I’m really surprised at the comment section of this one … knowing the rest of the internet I figured it would be a huge Science v. God thread.

  45. Uh, strike it again Mudkipz. You had it right the first time, Saturn’s a Roman god.

  46. kinda wondering what Thistday is and if it has anything to do with– wait, sorry, I just noticed that the ad next to my comment is for Chris Tomlin “GLORY IN THE HIGHEST”. Gonna contact him and see if he knows what Thistday is.

  47. thirstday: solved by beer.

  48. LMAO @ 32 😀

    Also, I love Thistdax!

  49. Please kill them with fire. -_- I’m fine with religious people and I don’t mind them occasionally posting about God or Jesus (my cousin did that when I still had my account), but the C:s and the U:s and the 2:s instead of real words, plus not knowing about space bar, REALLY gets on my nerves. (Also, CAPS LOCK and dot dot dot after every “sentence”.)

    End rant. 🙂

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