Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hammering Faith

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  1. In before ‘Fake’, ‘I fucked Him’, ‘Gay’, ‘Steeeeeeever’, and anything AnneThrope says.

  2. ^ immense

  3. ^You fucked him gay? Well done. But will he stay that way?
    Why is Jesus pulling Dave Matthew’s arm out from it’s socket?

  4. Fake.

  5. oops. Dave Matthews’ and its socket. Sam Adams is my editor this evening.

  6. I fucked Ruth. I also gave Herp’s mom a mushroom stamp.

  7. I hate you all. Fuck you.

  8. I fate you all. Huck you.

  9. I yate fou all. Yuck hou.

  10. Ruth is feisty.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’d say cunty beatusmongous, especially for a christian.

  12. We have several Ruths who regularly comment here.

  13. One suspects that 9 is not only a virgin, but is also a lonely middle aged nerd who masturbates while crying himself to sleep every night.

  14. ^Ruth

  15. ^*Herp (setting myself up to receive a hilarious and original suffix)

  16. ^pinisstuckinmyhair?

  17. That guy has one too many hands..

  18. Here is your prize: 8=================================D

    You likey?

  19. ^fuck off Ruth.

  20. “While you’re down there..”

  21. Hi Anne, sure looks like you’ve confused me for your imagined buddy Ruth! In her stead, I will allow you to fist-fuck my anus to keep you entertained, agreed?

  22. …you will ‘allow’ me to fist fuck your anus..?

    dude. where’s the fucking sport in that?!

  23. You’ll need two fists for that. My massive dong already blew that ass up.

  24. I said “pin,” and you saw “penis,” didn’t you?

  25. The original post was a waste of time, I’d hoped that the comments made up for it… And you did!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much. Special shout out to comments number 1 and 22! You two make me well… Laugh.out.loud. Also gotta give 9 some love for comment number 23, his juvenile humor always makes me laugh.

  26. I saw ‘piss’, beatus.

  27. Haha. Comment #1 supersedes all the rest of you goblet knobbers. I love this this place…so tragic and yet….so…..ahhh, fuck it. Titties and who wants to play Halo?

  28. I also saw piss.

  29. comments section needs some life,
    how about this?

  30. Really? That’s Beatus’ thing. You just look like a tryhard now, MrImpiREAL. Get your own schtick.

  31. Suck ass wankenstein

  32. I’ll suck ass when I want to, thank you. Not on your command. Is your name in response to MsAnneThrope’s? Coz yours really doesn’t work as well as hers does.

  33. Wash that foul mouth with the excrement of the one that should not be named

  34. I just said I don’t take your commands. Why don’t you prove your genius by fixing all the formatting bullshit? I bet you can’t.

  35. Thats the worst attempt at inadvertently begging me to stop this. Alas, wankenstein, i cannot. You have won the bet, the interwebs is all yours to rule for eternity, or at least til you choke and die on a chicken wing.

  36. #35 Who the fuck you let you out of the cage you filthy bilge rat? Back below deck!…and dig out that double ended dildo…I’m throwing a fucking party! ASS TO ASS!

  37. “bum to bum” thanks, Capn. There are ladies present.. somewhere.. I assume.

  38. Copycat.


  40. bump

  41. Good to see that we are all using our time and the internet appropriately.

  42. Yeah?

  43. This is getting old.

  44. what is going on with the fucking ARMS in the OP, anyways? that shit is like biblical Escher.

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