Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not My Type

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  1. All women? Hmm…

  2. Stupid as fuck. Also not funny.

  3. Fake a fake. Also not real.

  4. Verified real. And T1000 is a fucktard.

  5. I fucked Janice. I would have fucked Danielle but she had a misquote bite on her head and it was disgusting.

  6. ^ You’ve misquitoed Danielle. Besides, after a little four play maybe the misquote bite wouldn’t have been all that noticeable?

  7. ^I’d say danielle is about 8 years old and you two sick fucks should just shut the fuck up. You’re not amusing.
    Especially you, teek. You’d think a grandmother should have a bit more fucking dignity.

  8. You know what they say Anne, ‘If there’s grass on the wicket, let’s play cricket!’

    Although that’s not always advisable; I have it on good authority that some types of monkey are less hairy than you. And I’m positive it’s been so long since you’ve even seen a real penis that your crusty, rotten vagina has just packed up for good.

  9. who says that? 14 year old classroom bullies?

    oh fucking marvellous. you’re so cutting edge with the wit and stuff.

  10. You know, a little 70’s weed would have mellowed you out.
    If Danielle is 8 she shouldn’t be on Facebook. Come to think of it, no one should. No one is here for your amusement honey, maybe you should go outside and play?
    Or here’s a thought – why not comment on the OP instead of waiting, clicking on this site, refreshing every 10-20 seconds waiting to jump on commenters? Life is a lot easier once you realize that you aren’t the center of attention.
    Ok I’m off for some prune juice. With a shot of rum. TTFN

  11. No one is here for my amusement? so, it’s like a Bonus Feature?

  12. gj on the prune juice, too.
    you clearly need it.

  13. I’m working backwards on these posts, you all have out done yourselves with these comments. I have a lamebook crush on a few of you.

  14. ^ Like teeko? You can empty your load into her now, and she won’t get pregnant! She’s a true cum dumpster. WIN!!

  15. Yeah apparently I had a hysterectomy or cancer or something. Then again, if I got pregnant I could be in the Guiness Book as the first male ever to get pregnant.
    Bunch of gullible enfants, but I adore your imagination. So charming

  16. shush shush, it’s OK, teeks. stop trying to hide in denial and own your pain.
    When I was a kid, my friend’s Nanna had her girly-bits removed, too.
    She was back playing lawn bowls within 6 weeks.

  17. haha WTF is lawn bowls?

  18. wow. like you haven’t scrapbooked all about that shit about a dozen times.

  19. Male pregnancy is on the increase according to statistics Thailand.

  20. oh, and last

  21. Yeah, last….of course…I see where this is going.

  22. [b]this text is not bold[/b]

  23. ^ Yes it is.

  24. I dont understand Jennifer’s comment to be funny?
    Someone please explain 😐
    ps. i am a female, maybe thats why i don’t follow? sadface

  25. yomynameis – I appreciate your attempt at sexist humour, but stupidity is no laughing matter, orright?

    Jennifer’s is funny because she doesn’t know the difference between “accepted” and “excepted”. Actually, that’s not funny. Sadface.

  26. #24. “You’s trollin'”
    Bacch…Thanks for taking the heat of off me, and stating the bleeding obvious 🙂

  27. well that was fucking backwards…*off of

  28. Ha! You trolled yourself, Capn.

  29. Purple

  30. ^ That was deep.

  31. Bacchante, ignorance is bliss.
    You’re funny. happyface?

  32. bleeding face that is bruised and swollen and missing most of it’s fucking teeth?

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