Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday TypOHs!





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  1. first!

  2. God help me and my disgusting balls

  3. Arnell ftw!

  4. P.S. I recognize and accept the fact that I am a massive cunt for my “first” comment.

  5. The first game is retarted.

  6. @ fake smo’burg – yes, i am what i eat, you penis

  7. what do you do smo’burg n refresh every 5 seconds ? that’s a bit mmm lame now isn’t it ?

  8. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    In world were so many 19th year olds are just wastest, its good too here of one thats want to teach elematary.

  9. @ #2 Boz,

    If you’re going to post under Boz’s name, please please make it smart. A couple days ago, somebody was posting under Boz’s name and started saying some controversial things and had everybody fooled into thinking Boz was the orst human being ever. Unfortunately they took it too far and we all caught on. Still, funny for a bit.

    But if you’re going to comment under his name, please think about what you want to say, and weigh in your head if you think it’s funny or not. Trying to make it look like Boz is insulting himself is neither intelligent or funny.

  10. @ smo’burg,

    Dude called you a cunt. You told him you are what you eat, then called him a penis. That was weird. You’re kind of inviting yourself to get fucked.

  11. Father Sha – im a designer and musician, and i’m refreshing whilst awaiting a picture of your mom to render… all those pixels… ALL THOSE PIXELS!

  12. i going to be come a elematary teacher.- I would like to know how someone who obviously didn’t make it past elementary school is going to be a teacher.

  13. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

    I’m glad I stopped conversing that way years ago.
    It starts to become a bad habit to people, I reckon.

  14. @smo’burg 11
    that’s about the lamest insult I’ve ever seen.

  15. This isn’t that lame or funny, really; we all know that people make spelling mistakes. But the middle one is particularly worrying because she going to be come an elematary teacher.

  16. Personally I miss racist Boz

  17. Good advice from the 19th year old, I’ll never feel in fearer again.

  18. I actually feel depressed at reading this. I think the 19 year old who took the time to tell us of his / her reading preferences was simply sad. and to want to become a teacher.. *shakes head*

  19. Personal Info Lamebook entries are rarely used and oftentimes contain the most pretentious/lame/pure-braindead stupid material. Classic lameass quotes in the one pictured above.

  20. I wounder if Dominic cheeked Michelle’s papers, after all.

    And do not fear that our wannabe-teacher will get to college. That person only said he/she is “going to be going to college”, which although I am not sure what that means, is at least different from just going to college. Your children’s education is therefore unlikely to be affected.

    Moses will have to offer me more than “5dollers 15hours” … much much more, by the looks of it.

    And why is Eleni so disgusted about her waist?

  21. I was going to say “FTW Arnell”, but then couldn’t due to the non-capitalisation of the ‘I’s. If you correct peoples’ grammar, you seriously need to proof read the text multiple times so that it is not a FAIL!

  22. @scottsphincter 21

    Obviously he didn’t care about capitalization, and he didn’t correct grammar he corrected spelling.

  23. no one can make u feel in fearer withr out ur consent.

    But if you’re 19th years old and you don’t understand basic grammar, you’re in fearer whether you feel it or not.

  24. I’m homeschooling my kids…

  25. Does anyone ever consent to being made to feel inferior?

    Oh yeah. Bondage.

  26. i dun wan feel in fearer

  27. Meez nuther 🙁

  28. *Makes generic don’t procreate/go back to school comment.*

  29. “Sure, I’ll check your papers for English…”

    “Nope, no English here!”

  30. sublight: That had to be THE funniest comment I’ve ever read on here! LOL! Kudos.

  31. @ Snip!
    No, but they do consent to feel in fearer.

    p.s. Sometimes I worry that I won’t make a good teacher, but then I see things like that profile and say to myself; “you will be doing the world a favour if you can save even just one child from being taught by someone like that”

  32. i thinck i ned nu egnlash teechr 2
    i haz trubl wit mi spalign

  33. I think that Arnell needs an online irony teacher

  34. ^ why? She already seems to be pretty adept with SARCASM.

    #17 – thank you! i couldn’t work out what that meant at all, then i read your comment and suddenly it all made sense. does this make me dumb too?

  35. hahaha can you cheek my english paper. nah id say you’re pretty much set

  36. “i am going to be going to collage for bussiness and edu. i going to be come a elementary teacher”

    With that spelling you won’t.

  37. @teacher: She wrote ‘elematary’. You corrected her by mistake =D

  38. Too bad the penalty for spelling like an idiot isn’t a punch to the face. I think that it would really encourage people to spell correctly in a short amount of time.

  39. @ Turd, amen to that, sunshine. My favourite errors that deserve punches include (but are not limited to):
    “your” instead of “you’re”
    “would of” instead of “would have”

    Seriously dumbarses. (and I’ve spelt favourite correctly – I’m an aussie) lol

  40. seriously who is that upset over spelling? get a life

  41. Out in the real world, poor writing is a sure way to not be taken seriously. If you cannot do something as simple as spell in your native tongue, you will not be delegated anything important. There are always exceptions, of course, but they are just that. Exceptions.

  42. John Players Standard

    Eleni has wasted the past two years not allowing the father of her child not let him see his daughter because after they broke up he dated somebody else. Eleni is quite the waste of space.

  43. If the father of her child were that broken up over it, he should take her to court. Shame on him for not fighting for his kid.

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