Monday, November 2, 2009


TypOMG 1

TypOMG 2

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  1. wow in the time it took to type all that they could of found the cure for aids….great job you just killed half the country. and wtf at tashauna she wasn’t saying anything anyway

  2. This is exactly why I dislike black people.

  3. james, you dislike black people because you’re just racist, don’t try to justify it

  4. I think James dislikes black people because they are stinky

  5. Was Leesh being serious?
    I actually can’t tell… :/
    James dislikes black people because too many of them are actually like our friend Leesh and Tashauna

  6. fuck. maybe he got annoyed with her fucked up ghetto writing..or typing. wouldnt you get rid of her if all your texts looked like that.

  7. It looks like she’s sing-typing.

  8. @ rgn – just another act in the musical “Lamebook”. Jazz hands!

  9. My eyes, my poor eyes!! =(
    How can people type like this?!

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