Monday, November 2, 2009



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  1. I hate pumpkins with bad stems…

  2. I hate when pumpkins have bad stems…

  3. I hate it when people double post…

  4. I can’t get it up either 🙁

    So I sympothise

  5. It’s funny because it’s sad for people who don’t get to have boners.

  6. Dario and Brendan’s sex lives just went down the drain…

  7. One of those awkward times when you recieve a notification only to discover that some wanker has decided to use some post you commented on as a forum for a completely different topic.
    Guess Brendan’s costume was a bit too restrictive in certain areas?

  8. Well hey, at least he didn’t like, tell the world that Dario has the same problem too.


  9. Awwwwwwwwwwww Boz…

  10. Damn cruel world.

    Inb4 cruel ass women start making fun.

  11. Wow Brendan just single-handedly murdered both his and Dario’s sex lives (or what remained of them).

    Poor Dario.

  12. I actually like Brendan’s sense of humor, cheap shot though.

  13. @12
    But is it really worth it?

  14. Who’s laughing now? Karma’s a bitch, dude.

  15. WTF? Can someone pls explain what they are on about? I’m confused and worried that I’m losing my sense of humour…

  16. @15, don’t worry, it took me reading it a few times to figure it out.

    Basically what’s funny here is that Brendan basically says: I know I laughed at you when you’ve told me you have problems getting it up, but I’ve been having problems now and it’s not so funny anymore.

  17. dario lawl I kno dis fool

  18. why the fuck would you write that in public?!

  19. ^ err yeah, right. fuckwit

  20. I enjoy getting anal from horse, especially when the horse’s dick ruptures my large intestines (yes it goes in that deep) thus causing me to shit out blood. Why do I enjoy this? It is like losing my virginity again as the blood gushing out of my anus is similar to the breaking of my hymen.

  21. sirry americans! you are all a perverts-san!

  22. Dear troll,

    Careful not to make your e-penis so big that you can’t get it up either.

    The Pastafarian

  23. Confucius say:
    Ming Li is chinee name, why she speak within japanee?

  24. HAHAHAHAHA what a douche!

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