Monday, November 2, 2009

Flush Little Baby


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  1. So I thought…..this is were black people come from.

  2. Amadu conquered Timbuktu!

  3. revolting

  4. Is this some new method of Toilet training?

  5. Is this a continuation of that movie “Ghoulies”?

  6. Yes, Mike, have you not read “What to Expect From Your Toddler”?? New kind of toilet training…

  7. At least all her friends are calling her on how stupid this is.

    “I thinks its cute and funny!”

  8. Shit=Gross Baby in shit broth=Cute?

    I fail to see the connection.

  9. Geonardo DiMetrio

    Re: black people making up names for their kids: I don’t blame ’em. I wouldn’t want to use names from the culture that MADE MY PEOPLE INTO SLAVES either.

    It’s kinda like getting your last name legally changed to something else because your dad was an abusive dickhead and you don’t want to be associated with him.

  10. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Anyone else reminded of the ‘Ghoulies’ movies?

  11. I’d so tap that.

  12. me too Boz!

  13. Black people caught and enslaved other blacks in Africa. White people gave them a place to live, a job, a purpose in life, reproduction rights, food, and calmed down the wild beast.

  14. That is pretty fucking disgusting. Why on earth would anyone post that. Ugh.
    Also, why do so many people care about this ugly ‘jade’ skank? It’s not funny or hot and I really don’t see the point. But each to their own, I guess.

  15. Maybe this is because she is implying that she just shat out a turd which is the equivalent of a black bebbeh. Also both these objects have similar colours.

  16. @65

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh jesus, are you shitting me? take your hateful trolling back to /b/, Nazi.

  17. Gross.. yes.. but i think the main issue is safety. kids drown in toilets all the time, (and other small-ish containters with water in the bottom) it’s actually quite dangerous. they’re not physically developed so they don’t have the strength like we do to just stand up and get out.

  18. ok, so if you use the word a.d.m.i.n. in your post, or if you put in a website that has both www and com in it, then it has to ‘await moderation’ before being posted.

    I see now.

  19. I suck my dad’s cock for spare change, then snowball on my mothers mutilated clit that looks like a telephone pole.

  20. Ps, I love Mike and Cameron.

  21. Starkeisha Ponette La Donshay

    Cat #69, I think you need to get your head out of the kitty litter tray sand and try out a history lesson.

  22. the quintaveious dude says its nasty, but his profile picture is of him and two little kids giving the finger?

  23. A black person named their kid what?

    They must have totally made that up.

  24. Who wants to bet the next picture in the album is baby’s first yeast infection?

  25. They shoulda named that kid Blumpkin…too bad there was no corn in it’s hair.

  26. Looks like someone forgot to flush

  27. Thats thee biggest piece of shit I have ever seen.

  28. @Tidy “Where did names like John, David and Steve come from?”

    the bible.
    i’m pretty sure “quintaveius” isn’t christian or islamic, so your cultural argument is just another excuse for black people coming up with retarded names.

    (please note that white people have come up with equally retarded names, however, “black culture” is what was being discussed)

  29. Eh. The best one though…. A woman in a town about an hour away from here named her kid Sha-theed (pronounciation).. spelled Shithead.
    A close second was A-ron-galo and La-ron-galo
    Orangejello and Lemonjello.

  30. @83

    That’s so strange, my brother goes to school with a Shithead (shi-THEED) and we’ve had an Orangejello and Lemonjello in the area as well. I’m desperately hoping that we live near each other so that the idiocy is compartmentalized, but I doubt it.

  31. FriendOfShitheadsTeachersBoyfriendishDude

    Wait. Do you two live close to Norfolk? Some Contractor for LockheedMartin once told me about a child named Shithead who was in his “booty’s” class. And the Orange/Lemonjello too.

    I hope these names aren’t common.

  32. orangello/lemonjello

    jesus christ i heard those names too, im in MD and have heard those names of two black brothers named that. i hope this isnt a common thing too.

  33. For the love of god people, that old “Orangello/Lemongello” is from an old racist joke. Nowadays it just travels around as an urban legend – everyone claims they know this Orangello/Lemongello family. I live in Canada and I hear it up here too. Google it. There is nobody actually named that.

  34. @Relle, actually when my mother was a dental assistant she met a child with the name “Orangejello”. It does exist.. Though, she did have to ask him how to pronounce it.

  35. @SuperSquish –
    My mom is a teacher and she told me that many years ago she taught a child named Orangejello (Or-onj-ello), and they had a sibling named Lemonjello (Leh-mohn-jeh-low). Small world?

  36. @Ashley!

    That is a really common urban legend…

  37. finally a spade where it belongs, congrats

  38. damn… whoever took a shit that big must be a beast!

  39. @Heather
    I love you for that

  40. @Heather – seriously…shouldn’t you be spending your time at the nearest KKK gathering or maybe singing combat songs at a white pride meeting. Ridiculous, bigoted, sad excuse for a human – your mocking a CHILD! When is that ever ok?

  41. i rofl’d at Sonja’s comment :]

    + @heather eff you

  42. WaitingForWOWpatch

    Quintaveius: possibly a play on Roman culture, ie Augustus Octavius? Maybe s/he was the fifth-born… dunno, just saying.

    Also, I have a friend, a very WHITE friend named LeQuita…Don’t know why her mom named her LeQuita…

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