Monday, November 2, 2009

Theo the Creepo







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  1. @28

    … funniest thing I have read on the internet. EVER.

  2. this kind of shit HAPPENS?!?!?! O________O

    i’m scared for the future of the world.

  3. I do say “muack” (my “kiss-sfx”) to many girls, but I don’t go around hitting on them, lots of them, and randomly like this.
    But eh, these kinda guys are cool, no?

  4. This seems normal to me. OMG people meeting each other online! The world is ending! The funny thing is that Theo and the girls he talks to are getting laid way more than the people here who insult them.

  5. theo seems like a fake dick trying to pretend he has girls who want him on facebook

    sadly you fail theo
    you are now on lamebook

  6. I know this dude. His name is Theo Manos. I went to Brunswick Secondary school with him. I swear it’s him. He does the same shit on Myspace. If it isn’t the same person i’ll eat a hat.

  7. J, if it’s the person I think it is he ain’t getting laid.

  8. funkbrotherdee, that is definetly Theo Manos. I went to Brunswick too and I guarantee that is him because I saw these conversations on his Facebook profile. Funny thing is, he deleted his Myspace and now he wants to stuff up Facebook.

  9. Australians say “no worries”, as in “no worries, mate”. Do the British also use that expression?

  10. OMG it is Theo Manos from Brunswick lol

    he’s added me and done the same thing. he calls me his bestie…who knew he would make it onto a website lol

  11. pretty sure Theo made a bunch of fake accounts and added himself so that others think hes good with girls or some shit like that lol.

  12. This screams Paedophile!! It is dodgy that he adds young gilrs (guessing from the way the write) and then wants to know where they live, go to school etc, we shouldn’t laugh at this we should report it!

  13. lmfao! i know this guy… he’s not so bad in person…
    but yeah he pretty much tries to pick everybody up…

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