Monday, August 17, 2009

Rnt You a Failure

Rnt U a Failure

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  1. So there I was, smiling because of this pic, and then I read the comments.

    My smile died

  2. @Gizlone
    i’m with ya.

  3. OH. My. GOD. Culture fail.

  4. This is the Chelsea who posted that…

    I still don’t see what’s so funny…rnt they the flight of the conchords dudes? right?

    And in response to everyone else…who are the Beatles???

  5. If you’re actually the real Chelsea, you’re either a naive 14 yr old or just plain dumb. Ever tried to use GOOGLE??

  6. i might just punch that chelsea girl in the head

  7. …….. no. just… no.

  8. Listen, I am little bit offended at not being recognised. Look, I like Flight of the Conchords as much as the next guy, but Ringo, John, George and I tried to incorporate humour into our public image as well. To get confused with Flight of the Conchords is flattering, as it shows we were successful, but I think George, Ringo and I should get some credit.

    Oh and, not recognising me is a little strange. I mean, I can understand avoiding everything that isn’t within your comfort zone and then bragging about it. Hell, that’s what’s kept Christianity alive for so long. But come, bragging about it. Not knowing something is the definition of ignorance and deliberately being ignorant is the definition of closed minded and stupid. Sure, there are more important things in the world than the most influential musical act of the twentieth century, selling close to a billion records, but surely there’s some room in there for us.

    Oh and check out my bass playing on Something, Taxman and Baby You’re a Rich Man. Class A stuff, man.

  9. Flight Of The Conchords are way better than the Beatles. The Beatles are the most over-rated band in history. They were just a boyband whose management took advantage of the first MTV. You know, ordinary TV when it was new and when transatlantic flight was becoming affordable and available. N*Sync, Backstreet Boyz and so on are no fucking different.

  10. oh noez dey rnt!

  11. how dare you say the Beatles were a fucking boy band loves to spooge you obviously know nothing on the subject and have never actually listened to their music. why dont you open your fucking mund and do a little research before you go making asinine comments like that and you said “whose management took advantage of the first MTV” what the fuck are you talking about MTV wasnt around until fucking 1977

  12. @ cshoemake

    There is so much fail in your above comment, I don’t even know where to begin…

  13. Astounding ignorance. Well done, James.

  14. Spooge, you’re an idiot. Boy bands are so much different than the Beatles that it almost causes me physical harm to put them in the same sentence together. You’re an idiot who was probably raised on terrible music, so I don’t know why I’m bothering, but here goes. The Beatles are so culturally significant that 40 years later, their albums are being re-released along with a video game based on their music, and both of those things are selling well. They influenced basically EVERY SINGLE MUSICIAN from the 70’s to the 90’s, and a ton today. Even if the musician wasn’t influenced by the Beatles, they were probably influenced by someone who was. To recap: it’s the fucking Beatles.

  15. Otrola, you know you’re a legend right?

    FOTC are very funny and all, I love the series, but seriously..well as Otrola put it;

    It’s the fucking Beatles.

  16. Its the fucking Beatles

    You called? Stop abusing my name for fuck’s sake! 😐

  17. Its the fucking Beatles

    And just to clarify James, it’s the fucking Beatles man. C’mon now! 😛

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