Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Winnin’

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  1. Eerste!

    Dutch flag planted.

  2. I took BYU’s Math 110 (College Algebra) and Math 111 (Trigonometry) online. Easy stuff, earned A grades on both.

  3. Ericc sucks

  4. 8::====D herpes

    LOL @ Clay

  5. Tylor’s mom also doesn’t know how to fuckin’ spell

  6. these are all fkn sht – clay is rubbish, these are borderline unfriendable quality – which i’m sure is curated by 12 year old pricks

  7. Holy shit, it’s fucking Ben, the legend of Lamebook!! How are ya, ya old troll you?

    Ericc is probably one of those tools who adds extra letters to his whole name, thinking it’s cool.

  8. Yeah, I mentally yelled “ben!” when I saw him.
    Damn you LB

  9. Ben, the legend of lamebook, is back?

  10. Wow, the definition of “Winning” sure has changed.

  11. hi, i am a little slow here. explain the algebra joke to me please.

  12. I LOL’ed at the “wall post”.. I think it might be time for bed now.

  13. @Katey BYU is Brigham Young University, founded by a well-known Mormon. In the orthodox Mormon doctrine is it acceptable for a man to have several wives therefore the person posting was making a joke about the curriculum using polygamy in their math problems.

    In other news the wall post one literally made me LOL.

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