Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Problematic Pictures…

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  1. People on talk shows slapping each other are classier than people on facebook

  2. What is the top photo actually suppose to spell out?

  3. @mawkish Well it’s either hoeks or hoexs…neither one makes sense.

  4. Höeks means corner in dutch…

  5. I think that’s not the whole group. O girl made her O look like a pawprint, so it’s probably a kind of dog or cat

  6. Steveeer likes it up the ass !!!

  7. Lol @Schmit

  8. I think letter “E” is a man.

  9. I think, and I could be wrong here, that they were trying to spell “Hokies”. Now I know what you’re thinking, “but Chad, they should know how to spell ‘hokies’ if they attended Virginia Tech!”. First off it’s rude it interrupt, secondly, I think you have never stepped foot on Virginia Tech’s campus if you were thinking that.

  10. I’m pretty sure the girls in the first picture are still in high school. The letters don’t actually spell anything. They are an acronym for the school they go to; EKHS perhaps?

  11. IkilledChuckNorris

    Hoek means corner in dutchs not hoeks

  12. Stomabeutel 2.0

    @10 Of course you are wrong, you need 6 girls to spell “Hokies”. Hoek, by the way does not mean corner in Dutch. Hoek is the cheese like substance that forms under the rim of an uncut dickhead. In our tradition we use a Hoekreiniger to harvest, hoek is also one of the KEY ingredients in Gouda Cheese and Space cake.

  13. @ 13: “Om de hoek” = “Around the corner”. For example. So it could mean corner. I’m Dutch and I didn’t even know that fact about “Hoek”. Thanks for educating. 😉

  14. Stomabeutel 2.0

    @14 You are welcome, Dutch is very interesting language to study.

  15. *facepalm* (I believe, my very first on LB, something to celebrate)

  16. VaginalRoundhouse

    They were suppose to spell “HOOKERS”

  17. It’s clearly supposed to be ‘Heros’ but this photo was taken when they weren’t in correct order for whatever function they’re at.
    Gah. I find some of your comments ironic, given the place you’re posting them.

  18. Those girls are from my high school. They’re spelling out Panthers but the rest of the girls aren’t in the picture. And the paw print is just supposed to be a paw print…not an “O”.

  19. Im on #2…hahahahahahahahahaha
    My question is….why did she agree to take the picture of her boyfriend and his supposed friend in the first place….

  20. Who says she took the photo? That’s just stupid. She probably FOUND the photo or someone sent it to her.

  21. @Karawashere…someone needs to teach you a thing or two about humor and/or sarcasm!!

  22. Hmphry’s right. I think they’re probably EKHS, East King High School…or something like that. Just not in order

  23. hoters, missing the

  24. Its ‘hoeks’ as in Sabrina Hoeks. Google her.

  25. Try Saucon Valley High School

  26. I’d smash all those hoes

  27. sdrawkcabrolyat

    Did everyone miss the explanation of it being PANTHERS? The only reason the paw print has a circle in it is for her belly button. Funny, though, how they’re standing.

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