Thursday, August 20, 2009

O’ MANnuel


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  1. @ STC – Of course! It is mandatory that ‘doos’ be used here and on almost every entry on this site!

  2. nnnnnnnnnnnnnd NEXT!!!!

  3. oh boy! cant believe i was born into such a fucking retarded generation 🙁

    it sickens me that guys my age are stereotyped by dumbarse pricks like this guy

  4. @angry Socrates was saying the same thing in 400BC. I think it occurs to people in every generation.

  5. He spells favourite in the American way so maybe he is not a Brit, mind you he cant spell anyway.

  6. isn’t pour some sugar by def leppard?

  7. I love him. Despite being an unarticulate dipshit.

  8. But he’s respectful and rude!!!! LOL contraDICKtion much?

  9. @Jax General Hospital isn’t British. I’d never heard it until I just Googled it and here’s your info: Seems it’s a YANK programme, so maybe we don’t own this guy after all…

    Unless you were being all ironic like you reckon you were about knowing that he meant rapping.

  10. He’s not interested in books? Who’d have thought?

  11. @ratcoon – best post I’ve seen yet.

    Oh, and I really hope he meant some god-awful cover of Pour Some Sugar on Me that none of us are lame enough to have heard yet. I would be ridiculously happy if that was his favorite song.

  12. I love how after he admits he “luvs raping”, he closes with “u will luv me”. I feel threatened.

  13. I tells u, I already luv him, and we haven’t even met ‘inside’
    yet. Legend! And who cares where he’s from? Everyone should have an Emmanuel. He can make my phones calls anyday 😉

  14. LOL, i wish “i love raping” is a typo lololol!

  15. “i luv raping” <- lmao

  16. Raping…Rapping…Potato…Potatoe LMAO what a loser

  17. He has the same birthday as me… *cries* You’re giving us 18th of Aprilians a bad name!

  18. Hard luck, Caitlyn. A couple of days later you could’ve shared a birthday with Hitler. Instead, you have ‘Raping bubs’ Emman-u-hell.

  19. My birthday is April 18th too. :`(

  20. yea, my birthday is april 18th as well, and i was born in 1989…im disgusted that i share the same birthday as that idiot.

  21. @alisha89
    I am 6 days younger than this douchebag and 1000 years more mature, and that isn’t saying very much.

  22. I luv raping, lmso!

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