Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Read ’em and Weep

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  1. BEN

  2. AT LAST, giggidy

  3. #1 is on back ?

  4. how high did leon have to be to think that was a good idea? I’m almost ready to give up on all humanity and just become a hermit to isolate myself from all the stupidity surrounding me!

  5. @jackster looks like the hip area to me

  6. HAHA! That CVS/Office Depot sign is on Lamar and Oltorf in Austin! I passed that marquis all the time and never thought to hold the place up…

  7. is that the underwear ? lol

  8. Alive. You’ve seen the film, now eat the cast.

  9. I knew what was coming with number one. Well, roughly, more or less. I’m disappointed, I’ve been looking around my town for signs that were messed with, or misspelled, or maybe a light on a letter is out, but to no avail thus far. Finally, to three; No, not the rabbits. 🙁

    @jackster it looks like on the back or stomach Possibly even one of the sides. Hard to tell, really.

  10. Yes Jackster it’s underwear : )

    Leon let’s hope for your sake that your girl has a short name

  11. Leon really got the short end of the stick when he had to carve Stephanie Annabelle’s name on him.

  12. 2 and 3, I like. Gotta love the grocer/comedian combo.

  13. Shoot, sorry Saff, didn’t mean to quasi-steal your thought.

  14. eepah: I see it too! Yayy for austinites!

  15. no worries Comments : )

  16. ^^you said it better

  17. Pretty sure it’s her left hip.

  18. Apart from the fact that the scarring resulting from those cuts doesn’t look like it will be terribly permanent I don’t see anything lame in Leon’s concept. What IS lame is that based upon his use of the term ‘skewl’ I imagine they have the maturity level of 3-year olds and will be broken up soon.
    Don’t fuck with rabbits.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Seriously, the lengths some guys go to just to get laid is nothing short of baffling.

  20. Also WTF is that yellow ring, clearly made of plastic, on her hand? Is it some sort of cast for a broken finger? And is that a tattoo of an uprooted tree? A bad drawing of a Space Invader? A stream-of-consciousness inkblob?

  21. I hope she does that with ALL of her boyfriends…gotta get the list started early. Maybe she’ll be able to cover her whole abdomen in etched in names. Brilliant.

  22. I don’t know, Dukey. If you’d ever been laid maybe you’d understand.

    🙂 I keed, I keed.

  23. the fate of intelligence

    @mad2physicist I think it’s supposed to be a rose. But who knows, she carves the name of her boyfriend into her hip so the tattoo could be anything

  24. PMSL@ the watership down one

  25. Skewl?? That is so unkewl! All I can see looking at that tattoo is a tree as well. Anyway ouch indeed, what a dick.

  26. If that tattoo is a rose, my pinky is a tulip. Not that I dislike the tattoo per se, but it is 1. very abstract and 2. appears to have been done by a kindergardener. It doesn’t even appear to have any shading.

  27. 1. THE FUCK? 😐 Jesus Christ Leon, you fucking mentalist.

    2. This person is Wallace.

    3. xD Awesome.

  28. The rabbits were great. It could only have been better if they made a White Rabbit reference like “These rabbits are dynamite!”

  29. The Watership Down sign is very funny, but the joke is OVER 30 YEARS OLD! Is this a record?

  30. this is the first time i’ve heard it….maybe i need to go shopping for rabbit more?

  31. The rabbits seem to be in Wales where quite frankly they are at least 30 yrs behind on everything.

  32. No criticism intended: I grew up in south-east England, not all that far from Watership Down, and I thought the joke so funny that I told it for ten years; until the children started wincing, in fact. I was just surprised to see it re-emerge after all these years. (But there are some awfully good rabbit recipes in the Picayune Creole Cook Book, as reprinted by Dover, should you feel tempted.)

  33. that joke is funny. and yall should read Watership Down, it is an amazing novel

  34. O.o

  35. Yea… Watership Down is KEWL with the kiddos again. I had never heard that joke before now though LMFAO – then I felt guilty about it 🙁

  36. Someone kill sarah2p. Her spamming is getting annoying.

  37. ‘Hair’

    You’ve seen the film now eat the cast.


    Fuck Off.

  38. #1 is a friend of a friend. I can’t believe how utterly stupid this guy is! The worst thing is he is 20 something, classed as an adult, wow…. There’s really no hope for some people!! Btw his girlfriend’s name is Julia but he has “Jools” carved into his hip.

  39. Eating the cast from Animal Farm is much more rewarding and less monotonic

  40. Agreed, but it’s so difficult to tell which is which.

  41. So WHAT is the Watership Down joke already?

  42. CALLING ALL WOMEN!!!!! Are you suffering from a virtual reality Facebook spiral?

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