Monday, January 24, 2011

Layed Out

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  1. No, really?

  2. Yes, really.

    I used to model lingerie and am highly educated so fuck off.

  3. My life was a goddamn waste. I never was a world reknowned lingerie model. The photographer was just starting, and had no money for lingerie, so I just posed naked.

    And now I know what you say isn’t miningless.

    Also, I have a small brain.

  4. fuck me, that’s meaningless*

    small brain, see?

  5. Would it be extremely churlish and pedantic of me to point out that *reknowned* is also spelt incorrectly?

    Yes it would so I won’t 😉

  6. Come down to CraaaaazZzZzZy Lamebook, where every comment is guaranteed to not be about the post. ‘Cause on Mondays, all the churlish and pedantic members are…INSSSAAANNNEEE!!

  7. ‘spelled’

  8. @swilmo

    Spelt is perfectly correct actually. *passive-aggressive smile* : )

  9. @jesslee – beg humble pardon.

    chiefly British past and past participle of spell

  10. fock yu hall!
    @Paranoid – You absolutely may point it out. It turns me on. You could have been more churlish (whatever the hell that is, I’ll look it up) and pedantic and offered the correct spelling. I would’ve dressed as a sheep for you.
    Now instead I have to look that one up too.

    Ah… renowned, then. Why drop the k?

  11. Paint_my_nails_please

    Spelt is perfectly correct, if you are talking about wheat. However the past tense of “spell” is “spelled.”

    I am not a grammer nazi but I think that when challenged, one should consider whether or not one is correct, rather than just snark right back while proudly asserting a passive aggressive smile.

    And Lamebook, there is nothing funny here.

  12. My mates used to take the piss out of me when I was a virgin… eight years olds can be so cruel.

    No wonder Nick is a virgin, I mean strawberry milkshake hardly says, ‘let me fuck your love box with my exploding spunk python’ does it?

  13. Paint My Nails
    While I (as an American) agree with you completely, you’ll find that the word “spelt” is, in fact, in the dictionary across the pond. It makes little sense but it’s a word over there.

  14. I’m with #11. Spelt is wheat, just like smelt is fish. Oh, and anyone who needs to tell the world that he/she is “highly educated” probably isn’t.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “If you order your drink at the bar and it comes with a straw … they gave you the wrong drink” Diddy

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Essentially, “This is a virgin” in more ways than one.

  17. Dukey – I’m thinking Debbie D. needs to get her ass off facebook if that kind of thing gets her panties in a wad. Meanwhile it might behoove Nick to put her on comment restriction because Lord knows this is not going to be the omega of her parental square-dom.

  18. Christ, imagine having that for a mother, and then inviting her to be your facebook friend.

    As for the rest of you, clean up your thoughts. And your front closet. They’re both disgusting and you should feel deeply shamed.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Tofu I’m thinking he should block her out completely from his profile. Come to think of it, why does she need to announce that there is no alcohol in his drink? Is that something to be proud of?

  20. Awww I missed the post-week day freak out 🙁 why must these bitches go all Columbine on here? Website yo…I loved the ‘and you have no lives!’ part. Giving us females a permanent PMS image :'(

  21. Dukey, either that or she is *oh so cleverly* trying to make a discreet jab at it being non-alcoholic.

  22. Sadly penis cakes still outnumber vaggie cakes 100,0000,000 to 1. That’s the real reason we make $.77 to men’s $1.

  23. slicingupeyeballs

    Ah Miss Shegas that’s only because it is much harder to depict a vag than a dick. Have you ever tried to draw one? Let alone create one out of butter icing. Bloody hard things to get right the old vag…

  24. That last one was taken at Duke’s in Waikiki. One of my favs on the beach.

  25. You’re a fucking bitch, Debbie. Nick’s comment doesn’t really say much at all. You were just waiting for him to comment on it with anything so you could say something like that. I reckon you DID mean your caption to imply that Nick is a virgin – not the fucking drink. And even if you did mean the drink had no booze in it, so what? You’re still a bitch. I don’t like you.

  26. are those brown sugar pubes??? deeee-lish

  27. hehehehehe miss shergas said penis

  28. i agree word, debbie was just waiting for it, probably clicking refresh constantly like steeever..
    and what’s with that kids eyes? even pixelated they still look creepy. almost like a moth…

  29. @25

  30. So….Nothing about the whore money raising??

  31. That’s not a virgin.

    That’s a virgin

  32. I see you’ve played knifey spoony before!

  33. SPELT = SPELLED. If it’s in a fucking dictionary, it’s correct. Get over yourselves, America. It’s like saying “Um, you know that it’s ‘color’ and not ‘colour’, right?? What imbeciles…”

    I think you all know that they’re both right, depending on where you live. Don’t be pompous about it.

  34. Spelt does not equal spelled.
    Spelt is the correct past tense of spell.
    Spelled is a verb.

    How is your name spelled?

    All my old teachers spelt my name wrong.

  35. I expalined it to my kids like the difference between ‘wrote’ and ‘written’.

    Written sounds past tense but really isn’t.
    I like how you wrote that. It is written very well.

    Sorry, I know that was too much.

  36. Actually, douchebaguette, I found it just enough. I hate when people try to defend something that is, in fact, right but they are wrong in they way they defend it, and then it all just gets confusing from there. Perfect. (I realize this sounds isn’t)

  37. jesuslovesthephillies

    @33 You’re an imbecile. Not all Americans are moronic. Look around, I’m sure your country has its fair share too.

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