Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bummed Out

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  1. BEN

  2. spaying homeless people….hmmm

  3. Best Advice I have ever heard come from a homeless man.

  4. really? Really!?!

  5. Wanking advice from a homeless man. Now that’s a class of homelessness you don’t see very often.

  6. That was a little TMI for me. Thanks creepy homeless dude. Now I’m gonna be thinking about your ashy dick next time I go to use my lotion. :/

  7. #6 like you don’t already…

  8. I’m at a loss as to how you could spay anyone with febreze. Maybe if you filed the spray handle to a sharp point. In any case, just because Febreze is sponsoring the effort doesn’t mean you have to use their product to carry it out. A small Febreze logo on the scalpel will be perfectly adequate.

  9. Alright, you got me. But it’s unavoidable- I have the hobo dick scented one.

  10. How could spaying a homeless person NOT be what we think? coupled with the picture of the homeless dog, I’m sorry but Lamebook, want to share what you’re really thinking?

  11. beating yo dick

  12. Well I would assume that if you spray it directly into the uterine cavity you could cause an infection that would result in a blockage of the fallopian tubes, so in essence you could probably spay that way…

    The dog one is stupid. Not in a lame way, just totally unfunny and boring.

  13. The first one is from a Daniel Tosh stand up!

  14. How do you even get into a discussion with a homeless dude about beating Yo dick???
    Jhonny walks out of Walgreens and homeless dude walks up to him and says hey you look like yo dick is a lil ashy…let me tell you my secret…..

  15. I wonder if he wanted money after he shelled out his advise?

  16. aww, i wanna see the feedback on Jhonny’s status. spit is good when you got nothin else lol and i think lotion would dry too quick.

  17. #16,

    Based on years of web-based empirical research, I’ll take a stab at the feedback on Jhonny’s status:

    1. LOL!
    2. lol
    3. no way!!
    4. hilarious
    5. lol!
    6. homeless guy FTW
    7. Gross!
    8. gay
    9. lol
    10. was it epic beard guy?
    11. lulz!

  18. wow – i thank the judo-christian god every day for my foreskin, which allows me to wank with abandon without once taking recourse to any kind of lotion or natural lubricant.

    that way i’ve got lots of spit spare for shoe-shining, homeless people etc.

  19. Homeless people always trying to show you how their shit’s superior to yours. Arrogant elitist bastards.

  20. the judaeo-christian god as well as the judo-christian one.

    and allah, don’t forget him.

  21. spaying the homeless… not a bad idea. but we should also neuter them. can’t leave anyone out.

  22. rockinghorsefly

    alordslums – is the judo-christian god into martial arts? Also every time I read your comments from now on, I am sure I will have an unbidden mental image of your uncircumcised penis, and your ability to masturbate lubrication free. Thanks. That’s just what a girl needs first thing in the morning.

  23. It puts the spit on the dick or else it gets the ashy dick again.

  24. rockinghorsefly

    Haha! Goldie – nice reference.

  25. I think a better option is just to stay away from homeless people if you don’t want to smell them… or hear rando and nauseating advice.

  26. Would you let your little brother be lectured about beating your dick by a creepy homeless man?

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