Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Refined Lines

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  1. LoL~! That was me who clogged the toilet

  2. Keisha irrationally infuriates me.

    The 2nd to last one helped a little, but I’m still annoyed.

  3. Oil spill jokes? Really?

  4. Two words:


    Or is that just one word?

    Either way Keisha bothers me

  5. i’d be surprised if keisha could even turn on a tv.

  6. oil get my coat…..

  7. I think Scott works in my office.

  8. I imagine Ke$ha to type exactly like Keisha does.

  9. Walter Sobchak

    Just imagine Keisha is a dyslexic dolphin who enjoys peanut butter as well as keeping up with her friends on facebook. Feel better yet?


  11. TylerDurdenUMD

    Good job Keisha, keep reinforcing that stereotype.

  12. Coincidence? I don’t think so .. http://tinyurl.com/36gdcoe

  13. Mmmm yummy oil spill . . . I’ll go grab a spoon.

  14. Whoa, wait… So the whole “situation” isn’t simply the fact that the Peanut Oil (and Peanut Butter) prices have dropped in the Gulf of Mexico region?

    I was planning a visit down there with nothing but a deep fryer, a spoon, and 18 loaves of bread.

    Now, I’m just disappointed. I guess I’ll just cry into my jar of Jif tonight.

  15. Awaiting moderation… was it because I typed “Gulf of Mexico”?

    Or “jar of Jif”?

    maybe it was my use of quotation marks around “situation”.

    Damn you l@m3b00k!

  16. oh noes that page that Brandon ‘liked’ for got to write the “LOL” before the “jk”.

  17. Hey Keisha…I don’t watch or read the news either but for fux sake, I’m still informed! How big of a rock do you have to be living under to NOT be aware of some of this crap that goes on around you???

    Self-absorbed little twat.

  18. BAH HA HA. Paul and his posters. Too good.

    Yes. I like lame puns.

  19. Keisha is a idiot!

  20. lmao @ “I LOVE PENUT BUTTER!” I thought she might be dyslexic, but, nah, just a moron.

  21. Keisha is so HAPPY in her ignorance. That’s the really sad part.

  22. But if it WERE peanut butter, that would be totally disgusting. I mean, nobody wants to eat dolphin marinated in that stuff.

  23. personally I think dolphin slathered in peanut butter might be yummy, but hey, that’s just me.

    I second Scott too! If that dude can plug a toilet for a whole week he needs to get his ass down there asap!

  24. Stupid girls who talk in ALL CAPS need to be beaten until they bleed.

  25. I hate all caps too. I’ll admit I don’t know much about the oil spill but I know it happened.

    And I thought the last 2 jokes were pretty good.

  26. CommentsAtLarge

    Oh Jesus Keisha – really? I say we send her snorkling in the gulf to play a little current event catch up.

    Incidentally, I’m still amazed that we can clone sheep, transplant organs, make computers communicate wirelessly, and all these other achievements, yet oil and water has us scratching our heads like Christopher Lloyd in a re-run of Taxi.

  27. Oh, I love Keisha. I don’t know why, but I do. She seems so optimistic. You could tell her the world was due to end in three hours and with an ‘O LOL :)’ she’d just be off, happy as anything. In fact, if the world were to end, I’d want none other than Keisha to deliver the news to me.

    And for some reason David’s ‘Keisha, where have you been?’ makes me think she just disappears for weeks on end and then returns without even explaining.

    And she likes peanut butter.

  28. 🙁


  30. knuckledusters

    @ yomynameis — right? i keep thinking that.

    as far as keisha goes, you can pretty much tell anyone is an idiot if they type in all caps all the time. i can’t help but imagine her shouting and that makes her sound all the more idiotic.

  31. Oil spill jokes? Those take balls……….Tarballs!!! haha ho ho heeee um yeah.

  32. BritishHobo – actually, David is asking Keisha where she could have possibly been to have not heard about this.

  33. I prefer my imaginings. There’s not a single sign of her for months on end and suddenly she pops up when you’re eating breakfast, shouting ‘MMMM, THAT LOOKS YUMMY! LOL :)’

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