Monday, May 31, 2010

Gotta Have Faith

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  1. gary coleman jokes are growing old.

  2. Rocky, all my life as a Catholic, and I’ve never thought of that, and now I that say it, you’re right on. Kind of cool, but I don’t eat sausages.

  3. Sausage….hehe…he..he…*snicker*

    And that’s it. The rest suck

  4. well, jaz, unlike him at least they’re growing.

  5. Well not the ones from the butcher. Too many preservatives.

  6. This is Lamebook’s weakest update for a while…

  7. i liked rocky’s comment. and yet, i am reliably informed, via the side bar of this page (and through the vector of a voluptuous woman), that bacon makes everything taste better.

    here we encounter a logical impasse: if bacon does indeed make everything taste better, it would therefore, theoretically, make sausage taste better. if sausage were the son of god, then it would be intrinsically perfect in every way, thus making it far more palatable to universal tongues than bacon, or any other comestible for that matter, and thus would brook any kind of improvement. yet, if bacon actually DOES make everything taste better, if it would stand up to stringent empirical test; or if this statement could be verified in some way by inductive reasoning, then we are left, reeling with the realisation that MUST consider bacon as a likely candidate for immanent deity.

    the mind BOGGLES.

  8. I will bring this up with my pastor. Maybe I can get “sausages” on a Sunday morn.

  9. Wow.

    Anyway, I checked out that group, praying hands and all. Seems like the car accident she had on the way to band camp didn’t cause any lasting damage, she’s ok.

    I was bored, time to go to work.

  10. Wow was for #7.

  11. just for fun – totally pointless = lol

  12. The “now we’ll never know what Willis was talking about” is not only already completely overdone and annoying, but it’s also inaccurate. Willis can still tell us what he was talkin’ about, there’s just no one left to ask. You’ll have to volunteer the information yourself, Todd.

  13. @ alord, rather like the paradox of the stone, but with tasty meat products.

  14. astute observation #12…

  15. No Jon, not too soon, just lame, unoriginal and lacking any kind of fun.

    Hey! Guys! Lamebook! Guys! I got a joke! It’s fucking hilarious!

    Gary Coleman was smaller than average height.

  16. No shorter than average height for Gary Coleman, though…

  17. rockinghorsefly


    #7 alordslums – you made me giggle.

  18. I must be missing something on that last one. A bunch of schoolkids wanting to support a teacher who was in a car accident?


  19. jennieisbetter

    @sleazyjesus I didn’t get it at first either, but I think the joke is that the group category is “Just for Fun – Totally Pointless”.

  20. Scarlett The Harlot


    The joke is that the category is “totally pointless”

  21. I love the exclamation point after the fragment “Who was hurt in a car accident”. /That’s/ douchey.

  22. “Who was hurt in a car accident!” Who was hurt in a car accident? I don’t know, but I think it might have something to do with Mrs. Parker…

    And wouldn’t Jesus backwards sound more like “suh-ZEEJ”? That’s a bit of a stretch…

  23. rockinghorsefly

    @vandelay – suh-zeej is pretty much how I pronounce sausage… how do you say it?

  24. @rockinghorsefly The proper Japanese way, like “sow-SAH-gay”…

  25. K #7. . .no. Even if that was MEANT to funny, why do people like you have to over analyse things, really. Especially lame things like SAUSAGE!

    >20. . . I actually laughed out loud at that!

  26. Oh, not your coment by the way 😉

  27. If you say ‘god’ backwards it sounds like ‘dog’ and we all know that dogs like sausages. Indeed, it is one of the only words tht dogs can actually utter.

    I think the case for religion strengthens…

    If you say ‘Allah’ backwards, you get the sound of a bearded fundamentalist setting fire to your house.

  28. Hahaha @BritishHobo – once again the comments are better than the post 🙂

  29. @amtrak – Is your name inspired by a Houston Calls song?

  30. @ rockinghorsefly fun fact it was pointed out to me that I say sausage like this saw-jizz.

  31. NuquamNunchucks

    @18-22: It was ‘funny’ because of the misplaced punctuation, not because of the preaying. Maybe a little because of the Just for Fun thing. You know “…for our band teacher. Who was hurt in a car accident!” It’s a fragment, which is somehow funny. I don’t see why no-one else got that!

  32. @NuquamNunchucks the last one is funny because its categorised into “just for fun – totally pointless” when its about praying for their teacher who is hurt

  33. Aaaaaand also because it’s for a miss PARKer, and she was in a car crash..

  34. lol sausage

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