Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Got Your Number

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  1. This post needed confirmation from Christina and/or some “ohhhhh”s and some “whoa, details man!” and some “being choked can be hot, but not the first time you meet someone, geez!” from James’ friends.

    It feels….. incomplete. How do we even know James is remembering correctly (or even trying to)?

  2. Wow, just wow…

  3. James might seem to be trying to hard, but Christina deserves it

  4. Look, I hate being ‘that guy,’ but this looks fake as a rolex from a street vendor.

  5. Awww, she hurt his widdle pride and he made up a bunch of bullshit to try to humiliate her in public. Lame.

  6. Who adds those type of people onto facebook?… Really? along the same lines as adding your boss.

  7. Probably fake but I still enjoyed it.

  8. You Got Doddified

    It’s like a summing up of Pollock’s Masterpiece in three comments, only not as brilliant 🙁

  9. Gotta love weddings!

  10. I think this is a typical ‘You hurt my ego so I’m guna shoot you down’ response – need to see her reaction to work out just how true it is.

  11. Christina was a bitch for saying “no” when she could have just refused to give him her number and said nothing. She was trying to score points there, and deserved to get slapped down for her lame attempt.

    The WIN goes to James.

  12. i don’t care if this is fake or not….hilarious!

  13. what’s wrong with liking a good choking during sex?

  14. retodd @11–Agreed. She wanted to be a lil’ bitch and got it served right back. Well done, James.

  15. hootie the blowfish

    @11 retodd It’s worse than that – to say she could have refused implies James was asking her specifically. It looks like a status update from James that she just decided to comment on to say no. She’s an asshole, even if James is lying.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Total bitch.

  17. I think Christina was joking. Hey,we can’t all be jack black! maybe she misses him and wanted to make some kind of contact again, and what better way than replying on someone’s status (lame). Maybe she should have put a “;-)” instead of the elipses. He took that way too seriously.

    Oh, and why did they friend each other? weird.

  18. Ah, a Lamebook post where nobody wins.
    If it’s real, Christina’s a bitch and James is a douchebag.
    If it isn’t real, Christina’s a bitch and James isn’t funny.

    If it is real, the criteria for ‘friend’ on Facebook is really weird now. ‘Oh, it’s that chick I banged at my mate’s wedding after knowing her fifteen minutes and she wanted me to choke her. Friend request.’

  19. CommentsAtLarge


    Maybe James just friended her to see what he’d get out of it – I mean, look at what the first 15 min. gave him.

  20. Probably wanted to either
    a) see what he hooked up with
    b) be able to show his friends the girl who asked to be choked
    c)working towards a regular bootycall

  21. christopherlovet

    d) She sent him the friend request, and he took pity on her. Now she’s all “no thanks” because he never called her again.

  22. Asking to be choked during sex..? People do this? Fuck I’ve led a sheltered life.

  23. @ Spooky

    Ask Micheal Hutchence…oh wait, you can’t!

  24. lol bitch got pwned

  25. Made me lol

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