Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something to Think About

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  1. stever?

  2. Actually Waffle House would be more Mexican in that regard…

  3. The Germans were much smarter than the Wet Bandits.

  4. HA HA HA, wow, the Anne Frank one was FUNNY… no wait, you’re just a fucking knob.

  5. “Look what ya’ did, ya’ little jerk!”

  6. Anne Frank is fake. Shes just a story.

  7. AWWWWW YYYEEEAHHHH! 2nd post is dead on though.

  8. I had sex with Anne Frank. In pretty sure she gave me genital warts.

  9. No #8 “9” you ARE a genital wart.

  10. Anyone else getting the horrific redirect to “You keep my balls in a jar beside the bed I am such a pussy I wrote you a toilet paper note” pic and Cat “OMG I’m such a heinous slut” (btw my number Cat is …. no its ok, Uni slut, dime a dozen)

  11. T1000 eliminated Anne Frank.

  12. #10, stubbyholder, yes. and that really fucking freaky one about passionately kissing and her father.

  13. Lamebook sucks at everything apparently.

  14. I love how no one has made any attempt to fix it.

  15. lamebook HQ-
    “ah fuck it. who gives a rat’s ass? those lamebooketeer fuckers are only gonna fill it up with their trolling bullshit anyways.”

    [/drinks shitty american beer until they fall unconscious]

  16. the worst thing about lamebook is the comments

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