Friday, January 13, 2012

Pod Problems

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  1. GAY.. I’m sick of these dumb “I named my ipod titanic” statuses. and the comments that followed werent very funny either. You’re slackin lamebook..

  2. there wasn’t even a good unbreakable joke.

  3. Hahah.
    Well done, Ripp3r.

  4. They couldn’t think of better movies?? I mean Star Wars…not Sam Jackson’s best. Ripp3r wins.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    What about True Romance when Sam Jackson gets blown away by Gary Oldman?

  6. He didn’t die in Unbreakable, Ripper, and he was only in the director’s cut of True Romance, not the theatrical.

  7. Ripp3r never said he died in Unbreakable.

  8. I liked it when he had his ass handed to him by a mop handle.

  9. Coming to America! lol

  10. Terrible. Watching grass grow is more entertaining than this

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