Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No More

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  1. She really meant no more sexless nights because she bought a sybian.

  2. Courtney is fake.

  3. I fucked Courtney and gave her herpes. And possibly crabs.

  4. #3 you also gave her Aids.

  5. #3,9, you sound like the biggest virgin I’ve ever fucking heard. The only way you’d contract the herp is if your skanky aunt maude kissed you.

  6. ^ Agreed, MsAnne. Hey, 9, I thought of you when I saw this:

  7. Awww you guys are going to hurt my feelings. I think you’re just upset because I didn’t give you a reach-around when I fucked you in the ass.

  8. ^No we are upset because you are a dirty snot-nosed little hobbit that thinks he had anything to do with our collective asses.

  9. Sounds like I’m winning at the internet.

  10. Yeah. Winning.

  11. Fucking hell, 9 I’m not even a little bit ‘upset’. (seriously? wtf?)
    I don’t even hate you as much as I hate stever, that wilk creeper or that stupid fucking wannabe robot thing.

    You just think you’re edgy or tough or whatever because you constantly post references to your imaginary sex-life.

    You are the only person who thinks this is funny. Everybody else here is a growed-up.

  12. ^Correct. I agree.

  13. Agree. Go back to middle school, tool.

  14. Your opinion has been noted…and ignored. Suck it cunt rag.

  15. I fucked your mother with your cunt rag. ha ha ha ha ha.

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