Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Neighbor

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  1. when the thing is then but sometimes i like to alot.

  2. rubbing alchohol.

  3. sometimes there but then it is not a thing.

  4. Anyone that says ‘lmfao’ should be stabbed in the face.

  5. Why couldn’t the pregnant wife put a towel under their door?

  6. the stoners should put the towel under the door. they already shouldn’t be getting high since it’s illegal and they can get the cops called on them. they’re the ones disturbing people with their smoking. i smoke weed and cover up the door so my roommates that don’t like it don’t have to smell it.

  7. Inb4 giantslug is fake.

  8. The pregnant wife doesn’t want to put a towel under her door, because if she does, she can’t eavesdrop on the neighbors down the hall having rough sex.

  9. gonzo lmfao COME AT ME

  10. This is fake.

  11. This is real. Also, I fucked his wife.

  12. ^ No, that was your hand.

  13. ^ I also skull-fucked your mom.

  14. ^ That, too, was your hand.

  15. 9, I’m assuming by the lack of response on the other thread that your ok with me fucking your dad, I mean, I wouldn’t care either way, but I’m glad you approve, and to answer Bacc’s question on the other thread, no, I certainly didn’t touch the sides but beatus was right, I stirred that colon proper.

  16. I didn’t respond because I don’t have a father. I’m an evil space robot sent from the future. Also, you’re irrelevant and I came in your mouth last night while you were sleeping.

  17. I too have never seen a pregnant stick figure

  18. Are you by chance related to the Mennonites, 9?

  19. mooninites*…

  20. And don’t you go threatening me with a good time you dirty, dirty, whore!

  21. No, 9 is t1000 with a new irritating identity, trolling the likes of the internetz with his annoying brnad of stupid comedy. Only, it’s not “that’s fake” this time; now it’s “I fucked _____”.
    Well done you fucking dickwad. Now go away.

  22. Blow me.

  23. You first sweetheart! Oooh ooh, how ’bout this, lets do it at the same time, on the count of three…1….2…*rams cock down 9’s throat so fast it splinters his trachea*. There! Take that you poor excuse for a pirates bitch! You belong to me now!

  24. Back to the topic at hand, this would be the most awesome thing to find on my door. I l-edmfao for like 3.2 minutes. I would frame this shit.

  25. Lamebook, you failed to block one of the names in this post. Check the “likes.”

  26. fuck your poor attempt and la-hyphening fat ass off to steer this back on topic Fritzy, nothing is more entertaining than unsolicited deepthroating of an unsuspecting individual nobody likes!

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