Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be Careful…

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  1. why, hullo dere!

  2. Most black people cross the street when they see four black men walking towards them. It has little to do with racism.

  3. She’s still a racist.

  4. so? did she get raped?

  5. Whiye trash. Fake white trash.

  6. Yeah i’m with dakpainter67. I’m black and I still cross the street when I see black men walking towards me or I try not to make eye contact.

  7. Correction. Julie loves black guys

  8. #6 Not making eye contact is good advice. Through my experience working at the local zoo I learned that monkeys tend to get pissed and take it as a challenge when you do.

  9. Bring_back_fingering

    Did she died?

  10. ^…as I’m sure you learned from your experience working at the prison that dogs also get pissed when the inmates make eye contact with them.

    my question is;- have you ever held a job where you weren’t imprisoning something?

  11. …cap’n.

  12. Bring_back_fingering


  13. crustylovelips

    If you think some black men are going to attack you then throw chicken at them. They’ll eat themselves into a slumber and you can walk away.

  14. ^not if they eat yo face right the fuck off instead.

  15. If a person doesn’t cross the street when they see 4 black guys walking towards them they are either carrying a pistol or looking to buy some drugs.


  16. Dawn of the Dan

    Hey hey now, #14.
    Dr. Lecter ate a lot more faces than the Miami Zombie.

  17. Just because Julie LOVES black men doesn’t mean she isn’t a racist. She’s a racist in their favor, that’s all.

  18. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Black people smell who wants to be near them?

  19. You were built upside-down, because your feet smell and your nose runs

  20. I thought he was going to say,,,nah bitch I said “niggas got guns” not blacks lol.

  21. Well, Ms., if you must know..my list also includes private security, retail management, various positions in a casino, iron worker/structural steel, and food service 😀

  22. ^so why are you smiling?

  23. I’m not smiling dear, just trying to maintain the casual look about myself. I’m not a complete deviant, you know.

  24. oh. then I’ve completely lost interest in you.
    Complete deviancy was the best thing you had going.

  25. Well, in that case would you like to try some of this soup? I whipped it up just for you 😀 guess why I’m smiling now…

  26. ^because you have downs.

    no, idiot, I can’t ‘try’ some of your mong soup. because I am on the other side of the fucking world and am talking to you through a computer.

  27. Black men like them are loud, offensive and generally rude as fuck, then they get all pissy when someone crosses the road to get away from them WTF??? Assholes!

  28. “because you have downs.” Fucking laughing my ass off.

  29. ^that was funny, wasn’t it, made my belly tickle!!! And Ms., I think I understand…if I’m correct, what you’re saying is that if we weren’t on the other side of the world, you would try my soup? I only assume you meant that because you said “can’t”, not, “won’t”.

  30. ^are you fucking kidding me?
    emotionally unstable, middle-aged, checkered blue-collar work history, currently UNemployed, possibly overweight (‘merican)…what woman WOULDN’T wee her knickers in joy at the mere thought of hitting that?!

    fuck. I might emigrate. get me a green card.

  31. ^ Don’t forget about the pretend penis made of wood.

  32. Bacchante!, It’s not just ANY wood, it’s fucking HICKORY! and MS! Give me like ten years to work on the old ‘n fat thing, not quite there, but unemployed?, I got that shit down pat! But anyways, I wasn’t talkin’ bout boinkin’, was just offerin’ ya up some soup.

  33. ^keep your fucking pauper food to yourself.

  34. Dare you assume because I’m unemployed that I have no funds Ms.?

  35. #30 Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure you have other redeeming qualities. Your internet connection seems to be top notch!

  36. ^whatareyouwibblingonabout?

  37. ….and no, Capn, it’s not because no one is willing to employ you that I believe you to be poor, it’s the fact that you smell like cabbages.

  38. #35 Nobody fucking said anything to you bitch so shut your motherfucking cock holster and go back to jerking it to the American Apparel ad! ,and what the fuck did you expect Ms.? You know I live on ship full of sweaty carpetmunching slaves I fed ghb to at a rave in south east Fl before dragging them off! Just imagine what them crazy molly filled bitches smell like if I’m just getting the residual stink on my laundered cloths!

  39. You say “carpetmunching” like it’s a bad thing…

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