Tuesday, May 29, 2012

34,000 people…

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  1. Wtf? Are ppl seriously that retarded?

  2. I’m going to go ahead and believe that 30K found the joke funny and maybe just 4,000 are retarded..

  3. Ah, the human race is weak indeed.

  4. This Charming Man

    I agree with Frankenstein, no way 34,000 people thought that was true. But if they did, we’re all doomed as a species.

  5. We’re not ALL doomed…..just those 34000 retards.

  6. lyk dis if u cry evrytime

  7. I cry every time I donate something.

  8. Every T1000 knows thatt you cant get a liquid metal transplant from a T800.

  9. We are all doomed Skicrazyray, it’s those retards who do the majority of the western world’s breeding.

  10. Phahahaha!! That’s a good one.

  11. Every Lamebook commenter knows you can’t get any intelligent comments from a T1000.

  12. ^you are correct

  13. ^Incorrect.

  14. ^Incorrect.

  15. > smarter than all of you bastards!

  16. Wait, can I have sex with her after this surgery?

  17. Whatever.

  18. What did they do with the old ovaries…I hope they ate them, it’d be terrible to waste so many tasty morsels when there are starving children out there.

  19. #16, if you were smart you would have did it while the boar was on the operating table, much more fun that way..

  20. I’m willing to be that the majority of the people who liked that are stupid little bitches just like the person who posted it in the first place, that really need to go back to school & learn how to read & write like the rest of us instead of fraking around on the internet making shit like this.

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^if you are not trying to troll, please see to it that you get yourself neutered.

  22. crustylovelips

    ^ Like neutering would make a difference – she obviously spends her time on her knees, arse in the air getting nailed by a donkey like the mud-dwelling beast she is.

  23. havemercy, I like your moxie, girl.

  24. Trust me, a lot more than 34,000 of them are retarded

  25. ^at a rough estimate, I’d say all of them are.
    I mean, when you consider the actual situation of millions of lemmings jumping off a fucking zuckerberg cliff, it is at once horrifying and amusing.

  26. I’m actually more surprised that this many people are still using the word “retarded.”

  27. ^ Please, put forth your suggestions. We need some replacement insults.

  28. I’ve thought about this, a bit, and I’m good with retard.
    like anything else that’s novel, any new insults will soon lose their lustre and just become another sad, trite, flogged-out disappointment.
    and I don’t think I could cope with the emotional rollercoaster ride.

  29. @26… Retard.

  30. Maybe her boyfriend was Thomas Beattie.

  31. Fuck sake. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen for ages. Well, a day or two anyway. Fucking people.

  32. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The post says he donated the ovaries; it doesn’t try to claim they were his. There are all manner of places a person can get a set of ovaries if money is no object.

  33. ^I think the post is insinuating that he directly donated the ovaries himself….because he wasn’t present when she came out of surgery. Hence, the post is idiotic and so are the 34,000 people who “liked” it.

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